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  1. why is the infinite grenade supplier in cars not deleted still?And why is oca whisper a rifle now?
  2. Deleting spotter would have been a way faster solution but yea definitely an improvement
  3. I see where this is going....I assume you want the old low yield stats to be brought back to balance the current nade issue which we apparently now have?
  4. I think you've been playing a different game then since from what i remember 2 low yields could kill a player(you had and still have 3 of them)....and on top of that they were (and still are) faster on exploding and can be thrown further away.And you wonder why people didn't like them.Personally i don't like being airstriked
  5. Actually been maining concusion grenades for like a year now but here i am not complaining abt grenades in this game since grenades are occasional and just fitted for specific playstyles.
  6. Sorry for being one of those boring people but i was wondering are you the same person that was maining low yields when they were op and now percs?
  7. For some reason not responding makes them even more furious so try that
  8. I mean...afaik people mainly abandon because missions such as antisocial networking exist still in 2020 and as of bad teammates etc if u solo you shouldn't have high expectactions either way.Could be just me though
  9. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the eu playerbase prefers the action districts and maybe fc?And of course the sooner the better
  10. are you really........................................................................
  11. Doesn't look convincing to me though....might be just me on the other hand
  12. What kind of feelings shall a person express with this whole story i wonder....
  13. sciaN

    Fight Club map

    Bring the cqc heaven back
  14. Thanks for letting us know.Would be a bit more helpful if this was announced earlier or shut down down armas till it's fixed.Now gotta wait 2 weeks for a response from support ✌
  15. Yeah hardworking team this.G1 took 1 and half day keep that in mind.Also never mentioned EU since the outcome for me personally is the same i just want the game to be playable like it was 3 days ago LOL
  16. Can't wait for the servers to be online so i can play at 120ms.Thanks team!
  17. that sounds frustrating as hell man,F for respect
  18. Worst case scenario servers will be down for another day or 2.
  19. Isn't the engine upgrade a "path" for them to be able to create more content though.So even if the EU comes up we have to wait even more for the new content to be created.
  20. I might sound toxic and i'm sorry for that but you'll see a different hell after this anticipated ntec nerf and it's called CJ3 Obeya rifle
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