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  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a new mouse (G502) and having troubles with finding the right settings.. I am currently using 2400 dpi with a switch to 1200 dpi. Which would you use? What settings are you playing on and are you recommending? Thanks
  2. we propably will find 3 more in social so we can fill up to 16
  3. Sounds good! Have no plans for saturday so far. Sign me up. EDIT: Just got an invite for a party but since UK time is german time -1h I could make it.. Possibly drunk but who cares ^^
  4. I need more outfitslots.. would even consider to pay for it!
  5. Definitly one of the most cancerous missions in APB. Also cancerous: That securityvan mission.
  6. Hm I thought the ttk of most guns is 0.7s and for shaw/AMG 0.55s which has the quickest ttk as I know. btw I have 2 chars with coprole 15 so I obviously know how stunning works. I am not complaining about LTL I am just complaining about the very lame PIG + perc tactic but you guys seem not to get it.
  7. I don't think LTL is op and I would really like new LTL guns released too. I am saying that PIG + perc is broken.
  8. sorry I am german.. I don't have humor
  9. Yes. Those methods work of course. But it's still a broken mechanic being able to stun someone in less then half a second. Which basically lets you win every closequarter 1 vs 1 if you are at least mediocre skilled. Also option 4 isn't an option for half the players.
  10. Title says all EDIT: the combination of both not the single weapons
  11. Wait what? Why are there still rank 80ish ragehackers in fight club then?
  12. DonBlack

    LF Ger Crim Clan

    Wir bei TUC sind noch kräftig am rekrutieren. Unser Rekruthread Bei Interesse kann ich dir die TS-Daten per PM zukommen lassen. Gruß DonBlack
  13. DonBlack

    LF Ger Enfo Clan

    Hey Icyvi, wir haben Enforcer und Crims sind, aber meist auf Crimseite unterwegs. Vielleicht kannst du ja einen Crim anfangen. Wenn dir das nichts ausmacht, glaube ich bist du bei uns ganz gut aufgehoben Bei Interesse schicke ich dir gerne eine PM. Gruß DonBlack
  14. DonBlack

    LF Clan

    I don't think so. If there is another one we are still the original ;)
  15. Contact in Baylan shipping would be a dream.. I catch my self so often with a ran out weapon and need to switch to social and back. What do you guys think?
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