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  1. As many pointed out in the last topic, it comes down to feel and what you prefer. (which you apparently ignored) This game is old and a lot of people started out playing the game in 4:3 and they want to keep that since it feels more natural to them. Other use it to change the feel of the game (running speed and distance). most "advantages" from 4:3 are placebo or they play better since the know the res. Unless you're using the no-recoil res. then you're just hacking :))
  2. I'll hold him up by the legs and you pull it off
  3. You know, 1 $ is under 100 mil.
  4. nah it's dead. let's just leave it. Bringing something back to life never ends well. someone doesn't know what a joke is
  5. TL:DR There isn't a real problem but Op is trying to make one
  6. I honestly don't see a problem with people playing with stretched res. It doesn't give a "big advantage" over anyone since it is mostly a placebo effect from what I've heard people say and anyone can do it, it just comes down to personal preference. An example would be me. I use 1440x1080 because it feels like I'm moving faster and for some reason, it makes the game a bit more enjoyable You are also talking about this like this is exclusive to APB, which it isn't. Stretched resolutions are a thing in almost every single competitive shooters these days. This thread just gives me the "someone is beating me in the game, they aren't better than me and it's not my fault. I need to find something to blame" vibes (I can see that ultra wide gives you some advantages but otherwise there is nothing to gain from it)
  7. It's not designed for that, but it is a thing though.
  8. its a mechanic that has been there for years and it prevents door camping. I don't see a reason for it to be removed
  9. Yeah, well it depends on how you do it. It might not be an automated system. It could work similarly to the "open groups"
  10. This is something I haven't thought about. I'd imagine that there would be a 3-4 to 1 ration so that that one "mentor" would have more than one new player to talk to ( might depend on how many join the "program"). But I think that the best thing would be like a clan page for the people in the program with the current "mentor" and buttons like "New mentor" and "leave program" with the ability to join again later. For the mentors, there would be something similar. A page where they can find the new players they are taking care of and also the ability to "kick" players and find new players that need help.
  11. Yeah. That's the thing though. We will never get back to around 2k players if we don't get the new players to stay. Which this will probably help with
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