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    Buy my clothes

    The link doesn't work anymore
  2. Is this just a bad shitpost?
  3. I3ox


    It's not designed for that, but it is a thing though.
  4. I3ox


    its a mechanic that has been there for years and it prevents door camping. I don't see a reason for it to be removed
  5. I3ox


    Yeah, well it depends on how you do it. It might not be an automated system. It could work similarly to the "open groups"
  6. I3ox


    This is something I haven't thought about. I'd imagine that there would be a 3-4 to 1 ration so that that one "mentor" would have more than one new player to talk to ( might depend on how many join the "program"). But I think that the best thing would be like a clan page for the people in the program with the current "mentor" and buttons like "New mentor" and "leave program" with the ability to join again later. For the mentors, there would be something similar. A page where they can find the new players they are taking care of and also the ability to "kick" players and find new players that need help.
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    Yeah. That's the thing though. We will never get back to around 2k players if we don't get the new players to stay. Which this will probably help with
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    Updated the post to make it a bit more clear
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    Yes. I am aware of that. I was thinking the "mentors" could just spectate, similar to the spectators in the Christmas event.
  10. what are you talking about then? I'm confused
  11. I3ox


    Could you elaborate on the reward thing? And this isn't necessarily about getting new players to the game, it's about keeping them here. Yeah, we did that thing And yeah there should be a way for the mentor to "report" if the player he/she is helping is harassing him or something like that. maybe it will reassign the new player to another mentor and when he/she has been moved around x amount of times he/she will simply be kicked out of the program
  12. One of the many problems I see with the game at the moment is the fact that the tutorial system might cover most things it's not easy for new players to transfer the tutorial to real gameplay. Something I would like to see is the reworked version of the refer-a-friend system where you get randomly assigned a new player that speaks the same language/languages you do. This would prevent someone from abusing the system and getting all the rewards with a friend and if we go from languages it would prevent a language barrier. You will spectate some missions (spectator mode from the winter event) and they can ask you questions about the game and its different mechanics. ( The only reason there would be rewards is so that players would be motivated to join the program as a "mentor") The players that are in the program would need to be approved somehow so we don't let some toxic players go in and flame these new players just trying to learn I know that LO has a lot of things to do at the moment so I'm not saying that this needs to be done now but if something like this gets implemented in the future it could potentially improve the number of new players that stay in the game OBS: There is still an "issue", how could we filter the appropriate people from the not so appropriate people. Got any suggestions? Also, I'm working on a more complete version to post as a game suggestion so please leave some feedback
  13. Honestly, after playing this game since RTW released it I can say that it's been a long time since I enjoyed the game itself, I only enjoy the people I play with. Hopefully, that will change during this year with new content and a new engine. (This is not the account I started to play on)
  14. Could it be a ban due to configs?
  15. I think you don't understand how complex this problem is. As you said, "if they did something about it". There is no simple fix to this short or long term at the moments since first of all we have a bad threat system and we have a fair bit of players that are "in between" the threats. as someone said "some gold arent golds" The problem with the first fix was the effect of it had a worse effect than what they tried to fix and was therefore removed.