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  1. Boxo


    we need orange justice in the game. ASAP
  2. if i wanted likes i would just tell them to shutdown the game like everyone else :))
  3. I've seen cheaters get banned in less than an hour, and once they got it banning automatically it will probably be more consistent with the times. But private cheats is something we will never fully get rid of..
  4. Ah you see, this can be 2 types of players. People trying to feel good about themself so they dethreat and then ego boost, or just bad players that are inbetween gold and silver. both of them are simply known as pissgolds
  5. Boxo

    Im just gonna go ahead












    and blame you. thanks for coming to my tedtalk

  6. Hours doesn't reflect knowledge or time spent playing the game since people just tend to farm hours in social. But mostly the players that have been around and played the game actively since 2011-2013 would be considered vets
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