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  1. Learn something from 2 weapons that are objectively braindead and broken.
  2. Is this the new Russian hacker excuse?
  3. I think its a bit much but definitely better than it was before.
  4. We still hate the game but can't stop playing it due to addictions
  5. a TL: DR of this entire thread. players that got punished by the old system: this is a good change people that didn't get punished: WTF why did you remove my free advantage
  6. almost all lmg's are underused. but I would say that the medusa is decent. the normal amg is better but the medusa isn't bad
  7. Punishing players for playing well isn't a good system. enough said
  8. Just my opinion, its a 18+ game. deal with it or dont play. People will be toxic and whisper you bullshoot. No need to even read it.
  9. i would be ok with this, WHEN they've reworked all the fucked missions. Thanks Box.
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