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  1. I don't know chief, I haven't played much in the weeks after BE but I've only seen a handful of cheaters (mostly the day BE was introduced) I think people are in general very quick to cry wolf in this community, and its mostly edge lord that want to make it look like they are cheating or just good players with game knowledge. In games like this, that's been alive for 10 years, you have A LOT of players that are miles above average and it just makes them look like hackers to almost any normal player
  2. Boxo

    a small problem

    ehhhhh, no normal dhcp server would do that. unless your network is fucked
  3. you get jt's now, which you can buy consumables/Deployables with. Edit: spook to soon, you can only buy ammo crates. nothing else Apprently you still get them but they arent displayed (source kekoff)
  4. show us your list. id like to have a laugh
  5. Same goes for this guy, if david isnt in the game soon. we riot
  6. Link the fucking site from the picture. lots of love // box
  7. But flvws, you hate everything
  8. Based on the speeds on the intel systems I would also guess that they listed base speeds with a few exceptions
  9. yeah, why isnt darleenko invited.
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