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  1. More of a news post than a tech issue. But; this could mean that Linux support for the Windows version of APB (via the Proton compatibility layer) might be made possible by the developers simply enabling an option in the BattleEye developer portal. Worth testing out once the updates start rolling out. EAC already has it implemented.
  2. That's not C#, probably just C. C#'s main function takes a string array as parameter and doesn't use printf and instead uses the overly long Console.WriteLine() because reasons (and microsoft's stupidity)
  3. THAT'S THE JOKE Thus the clickbait title
  4. Please remove this space in between function name and parameters, It's really bugging me Yes i know it still compiles but who would do that??? It's just weird to look at and I had never seen it before today
  5. ...ok, why does this matter and how is it relevant in any way?
  6. Yep, there's cheaters. Again, I've personally seen a few. But I don't see how your math proves that the cheater count is anywhere near what people seem to act like it is
  7. That's some absolutely terrible performance, here's my only theories to why. 1: You have 8x Anti Aliasing selected in the options causing you to run out of Vram. 2: APB is using your iGPU instead of your graphics card, if you're on Nvidia open "Nvidia control panel", press "Manage 3D Settings" and under the "Program Settings" tab, select APB and make sure "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program" is your Graphics card. If you're on AMD then it's similar but i don't know the details
  8. You're comparing daily active player numbers to total ban numbers... Do you not see a flaw in that? If you want to compare total numbers then the estimated total APB owners sits at 1 to 5 million. So lets assume 1 million, that's around 0.28%, which is still actually more than I've observed personally but is a much more logical number
  9. The FF bans are only account bans, meaning that people who enjoy cheating just make a new account after getting banned, which also gets banned of course. 1 person could = 20 banned accounts as far as I'm concerned https://ffbans.org/page/2 Scroll through the ban list, over 80% of accounts are extremely low ranked meaning that they're probably not their first
  10. Actually did, one of my nicest clan members. He might've been cheating I have absolutely no idea but it really didn't seem like it, if he did he was really bad at it since he wasn't top in any missions. We do know that FairFight did falsely ban a lot of people but I'd say the majority of bans were legit, but if you look in the greater scopes of things 17k is definitely a lot lower amount of people than the people who're constantly falsely accused of cheating, giving the illusion of the issue being greater than it is. I played when Punkbuster was being used, when FF got implemented, and BE just got implemented so yes? Haven't noticed much of a difference tbh
  11. Sure but i feel that 2 anti-cheating systems in a game where cheating is barely existent (imo) is a bit over the top.
  12. The thing the APB community seems to be the most worried about right now are cheaters or """hackers""", but in my 1000 hours of gameplay I can only recall seeing around 3-5 people who I'd actually want to suggest are probably cheating. Is there some actual statistics on the amount of cheaters because I'm ready to just straight out suggest that 95%-98% of allegation are false, this theory is further supported by the fact that I've been accused of cheating weekly, which of course, I haven't. What are other experienced players opinions on this? Agree with me that it's mostly bullshoot or do you think APB really has a huge cheating problem?
  13. I sometimes have shadowplay on but this was not one of those times...
  14. So i finally got one of the rare daily activities to get myself a free Oca Nano, but then... We just got a server shutdown. Anyone know how long this will last? I REALLY want that nano
  15. Right now you have to go to a car spawner in order to get your custom car, while also having to pay while doing so. The better your car, the more you have to pay (rougly). Having to pay in order to express your character by driving your customized car is weird. I suggest we instead have something like a 10 minute spawn cool down on your vehicles, perhaps you can even have one primary and one secondary vehicle with separate cool downs to promote variety? This could also make a team have to strategies on which person's car you use in order to always have a car spawn available, instead of just everyone driving their own car Thoughts?
  16. There should be either an "Delete all expired" button or a way to check multiple weapons so you don't have to go through the confirm prompt for each one.
  17. package main type apbUser struct { likesC# bool, likesPHP bool, isBad bool, username string, } func (p *apbUser) evaluateUser() { if p.likesC# == true || p.likesPHP == true { p.isBad = true } }
  18. There's literally been no new content other than the io growl and paid guns for years, Having suddenly 10 new cars and 10 new guns be added in one update would be absolutely incredible and will make the game so much more interesting. At the moment there's only 3-4 real choices when it comes to high end cars which makes things quite stale and boring
  19. Linux isn't an OS. Linux is better than Windows-NT in every single way, that's a fact. If you don't like the operating systems built onto Linux or the eko-system itself then that's fine we all have preferences. I'm a huge tinkerer, i want to customize everything, i want everything to be and function exactly the way i want it. For example, i never use mouse (outside of games). That's something i can't accomplish in Windows. That's fair. The point is that they're redoing it in Unreal 4 which has brilliant native Linux support, so not using platform specific libraries for apb now that they're redoing it could be kept in mind
  20. That date is very special, it was when the Unix clock started. The clock that most systems use today. The clock in computers is actually just a counter ticking 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. So when the clock instead of being 1529012354 which it is as I'm writing this, it for some reason became 0. When the clock is 0 then it'll appear the date when the Unix clock first started, AKA 1970-1/1
  21. I am disappointed by the lack of interest, both from players and developers
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