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  1. Are you sure it was a standard HVR or was it a Scout, Reaper, Sitting Duck or Pathfinder? Those snipers are the ones you actually can jump shoot with. The trick is to sprint, jump and quickly lean as soon as you lift of the ground. This will make the reticle decrease size quicker in the air. Shoot as soon as the reticle hits its resting point
  2. First time posting on the forums despite being a very old legacy player, not sure why I haven't but i can't wait to get more into the community and look forward to being active on the forums. Nice to meet you all. Now When upgrading to the new engine perhaps Linux can be in mind? As far as i know Unreal engine can quite easily release binaries for Linux. FairFight is fully cross platform (from what i could find on their website) as well which solves what most developers struggle with the most when releasing for other platforms, anti-cheat. Does the games code require Windows API or any platform locked libraries? If not i definitely see releasing for Linux as a beneficial step forward. Yes we are a small community but here is why you should consider releasing for Linux: We would go crazy over the fact that another large game is giving us recognition, Linux people absolutely love getting their platform recognized. The community would spread and advertise it themselves, within minutes of an announcement and release the news would spread to r/linuxgaming, r/linux, r/ubuntu, r/archlinux, discord servers etc. We're extremely vocal and helpful community. Linux people in general know more about their platform and will fix issues themselves and post solutions to various quirks on forums. The market is less crowded. Linux as a kernel provides greater CPU performance helping with the generally poorly optimized CPU-heavy code of the game. I'm not expecting this to be a priority but please do keep it in mind. I hope at least one of you listen, thanks for digging this game back up from it's grave and we look forward to seeing you make APB great again little orbit.
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