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  1. The mechanics of this game are not good enough to talk about that. If i have to choice between thos 4 tho, obviously Dopefish.
  2. Amaineko

    cant update game

    3hours passed,cant update game if i begin the update it starts at normal speed of 700kb/sec but then it fall down till 10kb/sec i tried close and start it again for some time then leave it be for a hour+,but it just wont download that directx_june2010 other downloads are fine.
  3. I did it long time ago,idk now but theres not much effort to open steam overlay after click join district maybe one day when i complete the car thief achiv,ill try it again
  4. waiting for kampington stream with new corsair jmb ..oh wait its 2020
  5. if u open steam while ur game is in loading screen into district, all achivements will be updated car theif the hardest achivement.
  6. Cuz we had lots of fun when game was living and we still have fun/hopes it gets better. APB is very unique vedeogemo~
  7. Refer A Frend was a failure with very good and unique rewards which prolly wont return again. G1's attempt to gain more players,but at the end was just abused by alt accounts or even if there was new players.. they lasted only enough to complete event for a friend and poofed away
  8. body transformation pic before and after army
  9. This event make me feel like its a waste of time. They shouldve stacked Nutcracker with 12 deaths, not 2 boring snowball events and that snowball war between faction is aswell pointless for most of ppl who have roles already maxed from last years, should make them count in Nutracker as backup for newbis idk
  10. Its too much indeed I usually farm fully event on 5chars, but this time i wont focus on it that much not even on single of my chars for 3 reasons: no much time to focus into gameing,100 kills as survivor is too much and snowball game is utterly boring. On top of it the ping of 180ms makes snowball game feel very rng based EU servers back when.
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