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  1. I just uninstalled and not bothering anymore about latency.
  2. Well my post from another era got deleted, but try open steam overlay while game is in loading screen into district,should load achivements into steam
  3. amaineko didnt choice this life,this life choice amaineko
  4. so u want a new jmb based on snub i see..
  5. Theres like 90% if not more of dead data/accounts on server. Server wipe with new engine would be healthy for the game(more newbi friendly),i my self got over 5k hours(not of sitting in social eksedeee).
  6. 5k eur potato,1gb net with 1ms latency and no jitter at all pro gemer
  7. no i think apb would have more chance if shutdown and start again under slightly different title,ofc after some changes: im not concerned enough about it,but i think new engine,better running server,more weapons,slightly different gameplay..like softener(no idea just older games feels simplified) and a competitive mode(based on more ranks ofc,not just leaf,wood and gray yellow). but would like to see it bloom from this situation too.
  8. NA got lots of softbois EU got russians that fight hard af i wonder how pop would be nowaday if innova wasn't merged
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