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  1. does anyone read this here tho?
  2. nvdia freestyle overlay exists nvdia geforce application doesnt know apb exists ; calls it unsupported game [and this is how it is] is it possible to for official lil'Orbit HQ contact nvidia HQ telephone hotline bling 1 time to propose a request for ;; APB supported game or to get on that list so that every up to date release of Nvdia Geforce Experience can see APB as a Supported game for its visual experimental features ,, I mean it would be ridiculous how intense things could be please get the game on that list so much
  3. its so good my insides just melted and explosions everywhere and Im breathing hard and vibrations everywhere and oh my god literally infinite pineapple away into the edges and beyond the universe
  4. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="2PQROUl"><a href="//imgur.com/2PQROUl">View post on imgur.com</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> [img=https://i.imgur.com/2PQROUl.png] the green shirt says no ntec nerf naturally by the image , you know what i feel like
  5. I dont want it anymore WTS WTT
  6. Attempted this link on WIndows 10 , the primary function button that dictates the enabling of the background image does not work if .GIF , or .Jpeg , so I think it just flat out doesnt work on the Win10 OS , others could try to maybe make it so it works , but not for me , good search otherwise chain , Ive used this program before on an alternate laptop but forgot about it , shame no support for further WIndows OS Release where on earth could i find this answer, sucks to not be involved with the primordial knowledge of knowing in 5 seconds how to process this task in the flick of the wrist , fifi laquoza riri nene fukf
  7. If someone knows how can I can do this pls help ive searched , no programs for gifs , but there are for pictures , i want gifs in my folder backgrounds yo gifs man gifs gifs god damnit fuk
  8. how do i get in on this i feel so left out but want my body on here
  10. it says server cant connect , then that my password is incorrect , help , forgot password links to a failed page load with some data text , did apb just get hit?
  11. get the secondary obir bro you cant go wrong brpp brpp brpp riperonis extravegonis mortieveroni gigiziziwipinenezonis bro
  12. https://imgur.com/8DjZsXR https://imgur.com/Mutvx83 https://imgur.com/l69pPrt https://imgur.com/NbBES1l https://imgur.com/NISn2lJ
  13. only the finest the greatest the chillest pure emotion makes you wonder , what it takes when a hards on a two two and for a love of things a hoedown for the thrill oh and if you use google chrome get this eq , makes music or any sound that much more of an impact https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ears-bass-boost-eq-any-au/nfdfiepdkbnoanddpianalelglmfooik
  14. my dudes of earship kinship this chune
  15. roses r red so is my bed i think u r cute tv press mute maybe in seconds not more than 5 our lips meet kinda the most powerful sweet my emotion oozies definitely not a flooseiy but when apart our eyes once more meet in a rare friendli smile so on the worlds upon convolve and greet in so few a moment so could a spare move an entire fleet for hugs maybe to be true alight a fun meet until then may you always be strong when feel weak i write this 2 you sitting at this peak (i added the last line as i was posting this idk why) do you guys think she'll like it or am i weird im so excited to give it to her
  16. Thank you Sora Eerye , I'll be getting this asap , I love the vazurz , this one drives different , I want it moist
  17. The operation is simple , the enhancements much indeed well in order , the entire possible options in overlay opt are completely harmless yet add certain visual aesthetic , good things comes of this if be done correctly. Can there be a proposal be given the chance to request Nvdia directly to add APB Reloaded onto the Nvidia Freestyle viable game list , a simpler effective means of enabling those with Nvdia Drivers , and maybe those without ( idk ) a chance for visual love thank you do your best through days
  18. APB isnt supported on the latest Driver version of Nvdia Experience Freestyle , though there is a driver version easily searched on youtube version that can bypass the limited set of games and enable the change of graphic aesthetic to success with any juego
  19. lest i not forget for all things good in this world
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