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  1. Actually used to Jg yesterday after while and all i can say is....yea...i'll stick my Ntec/oca/scout...and maybe carbine here and there.
  2. What I find funny is how people are picking the Shredder to complain about. It's like they don't worry about a JG 2-shotting them when like 3 pellets hit from each shell. Come on... In it's range yes, but who really face checks a jg anyway?
  3. I haven't played APB for 8 days, feels good. You will come back. We always do.
  4. and cheese? you forgot the cheese...
  5. Meh they are out there, i have seen a couple, mostly closets though, but tbh it will always be a viscous cycle. I will say though it's at an all time low at least from my perspective.
  6. Understandable. My guess would be the way threat is setup up its a bit difficulty maybe? Even when segregation was set in place people were still able to de-threat as is. The only way i see a real fix to this issue would be to remove it in total but then you will still have a lingering factor to how will you match people based on skill itself. As for the servers well that is a whole level of a playing field.
  7. Well that i know i that, i was just stating de-threatening is just one thing that needs to be handled in time, but id rather see server fixes and an engine upgrade before that. Most of everything else at the moment is fine at least to me.
  8. I'm Pretty sure something will be done, just sucks G1 put apb into a state of mayhem. In my opinion i would rather see server fixes and an engine update before then. then focus on the other problems. Now there are days the servers go completely bonkers but for most of the time i have played when LO took over it hasn't been that bad.
  9. How much more fps do you really need for apb?? Just asking not trying to be an patootie. Nvm i just read the post again, don't mind me already have a good amount of beers...but on to other things. I reach 145 fps lowest it dips down to is 120. that'f with my 145hz monitor@1440p also i doubt overclocking your cpu will cause fps issues, at least i have not had this problem with gaming up to this day, id say check your settings again and see if something looks odd.
  10. Considering the Shit fest they have on their hands and the bit of progress they have mad the past few months, id rather they fix our major issues, not saying de-threatening isn't an issue but i am pretty sure they will get to it in time.
  11. Won't lie that was a nice shot on Doodle.
  12. It does tell you when people do tk each other on top of killing themselves, you take a hit on points during the match, in all honesty it just sucks for newer players to have to deal with the bullshoot. Then again i don't buy the excuse of people crying they are getting trashed yet can do the same to newer players who have no idea of what they are even doing knowing damn well that said player has a bit more skill than the other. Either suck it up or gtfo. Apb has never been something for the weak. Most of us who have played for the duration of changes and bullshoot still sit here and keep going, others just want to fuzzy bunny about irrelevant things and complain when their own skill is lacking and don't put forth the effort to get better. There are plenty of vets i can't beat. Does that make me want to de-threat no it does not.
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