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  1. Granted, but Canadians and the Japanese become the biggest assholes on the planet. I wish I had a big pizza.
  2. VVinston


    APB: Redux
  3. Granted, but the game crashes every 15 min. I wish the Vegas could fly to the moon when it does a wheelie.
  4. Granted, but you get a chair made of rough stone. I wish my PC could run APB on an acceptable framerate.
  5. I started to play it since 2013 and back then all that mattered to me was the customisation, which was insane. Gradually I became more invested in the game and I started to enjoy it more and more, this time not for the fancy clothes, but for the combat. I have never seen a more fluid and brilliant combat system as the one in APB. The gunplay is so damn satisfying with all the weapons. Then there is the tactical side of leaning and shoulder angle. I really used to love it, even though I sucked at it. I stopped playing it in 2015, because I thought there was no hope for this game. Occasionally I returned, but not for long. I've played mostly alone, but I met a lot of interesting people with whom I had a great time. I returned now in 2018 on a new account and the fact that LO is taking over makes me very excited. I hope these guys will save the game, because it has a lot of potential and really nothing comes close to it. I hope to love this game again, just like I did in 2013 when I first booted it up.
  6. I would love to see some new dreads. But I do not think we will have them until after LO fixes most of the broken stuff of this game.
  7. The night time used to be awesome. Hopefully we can revert to that. That being said I think the days now are slightly better, because I do not like to have crazy bloom when it is already bright outside.
  8. Granted, but you can not use the N-HVR anymore. I wish I had a Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator to play with.
  9. From my past experience, enforcers are usually more organized and play in teams more, while criminals are more random with their grouping. Both are cool but I personally prefer the criminals, purely for the aesthetic.
  10. I'd like to thank RTW for creating such a great (but broken) game.
  11. 8/10 - Could use some more purple
  12. Jezus Christ/10 Definately not my type.
  13. Dope/10. I like the dark theme.
  14. I do not think it is a problem, however I do think the devs could tweak it a bit. By tweaking I mean to implement a sort of fatigue system for crouching. It sounds awful but just bear with me. People who played CSGO know this, but basically in that game the more times you crouch the slower the crouch is. So basically the more you crouch the more slow and unresponsive your crouching is. I would suggest implementing the same thing here. This way if you crouch too much in a small time frame you become slow, fatigued for a short time period. This prevents you from spamming the crouch and makes you wait a bit until you can crouch normally at full speed, giving your opponent at least some time to react or to get to cover. Therefore this makes combat more challenging and interesting for both sides and evens the battlefield. This way there is no need to make adjustments to weapon bloom or recoil and makes combat a bit more balanced. I think you should be able to crouch once at full speed every 1-1.5 seconds. If you crouch multiple times during this period, the crouch slowness increases exponentially with every additional crouch after the first one so the next crouch is slower if you don't sit still for a short while.
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