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  1. Are you implying LO isn't doing anything to fix the most important issues with the game?
  2. There was a program getting set up to engage some players with translating the game, years ago. Maybe that's something to consider when LO is done being too busy breaking everything and telling us the new engine is coming soon.
  3. Pinpuce

    Cyrillic is a problem

    LO breaks stuff in an update? No way?! Reporting someone doesn't seem to do much anyway, and most likely over half reports are just coming from people who get pwned. btw shields have also been broken ever since the last patch but you know who cares
  4. What's wrong with liking big things? Are we going to have a problem? Should I speeddial my sizequeens gang?
  5. Can't you just redeem them on a mypaysafe account and then pay with that?
  6. who would've known, the "changes" make no difference whatsoever.
  7. Nice job LO! That's exactly what we've been asking for, thank you for much for nerfing the RFP! Keep up the good work! wait a minute
  8. Those two were already made by a bunch of people, can't remember who though, nonames.
  9. You need 20k hours playtime. Sorry.
  10. I'm sorry but yes that was quite stupid. I wouldn't say this is surprising though, this community is filled with people who like to plan way longer formed friendships for the most silly things.
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