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  1. I have no clue what this means but good luck buddy.
  2. Pinpuce


    Yes, yes and yes.
  3. Pinpuce


    Can we PLEASE get a suppressed CR-5 and FAR? I'd buy them both. Have a nice life, Pin
  4. Pinpuce

    Western Holster

    this also give me the damn soldier boots ffs
  5. Yes more inventory space please. Also the homepage was cool, I liked the idea of having daily/weekly stats.
  6. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  7. So how many months exactly do I have to wait for new decal/font packs to be given to me after their release? I remember buying the first 'new' decal packs halloween 2018 only to get it again for free later since that's what supposedly happens when you own the KTTC pack. Still waiting, don't really want to throw money out the window for this again.
  8. Yeah, why this exploit/cheat is dont removed out of the game, huh?
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