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  1. Yeah it really sucks seeing speed hackers, they are not common (frankly i seen only 2 so far, but i am not that active in the game). It's understandable that is hard banning players who hide their cheats, but players who are so obvious should really be banned instantly
  2. I dreamed that one day i will start APB and actually be able to kill players again like i used to in the old days, when all this micro stuttering didn't exist...but then i wake up and cry
  3. False bans can always happen, but considering that they had to unbanned all the players who were banned by FF i am sure they are more caution this time and don't want this to happen again. Reading all these complains is just funny, so are you really stating that all the players who been banned in the latest banwave were falsely banned!? Simply not possible..
  4. Where did i state the the problem is easy to fix? I just said they tried to fix it once...failed then gave up and didn't bother finding any better solution. This kind of problems should have been their top priority. One of the reasons why APB player base is so low is because the learning curve is so long and new players have to play against players who have over 2k hours. Of course if you get pwned every mission you don't feel like playing the game anymore so you loose interest and move on to another one
  5. You really think i don't know how they tried to fix it and failed, what did they do then, put it back as it was and left it just like they abandon most of the problems the game has
  6. Even though APB has been out of beta for a long time, it still feels like it should have a beta sign attached to its name
  7. And this has been a problem for a long time and could have been avoided if they done something about it
  8. I play on Citadel from time to time and everytime i play the servers seem fine so which servers are actually DDoSed.... Jericho?
  9. Most of the players who are gold and play in bronze districts are actually silvers
  10. The servers can't handle this event. It has happened yesterday and today at the same time when gm come on server and announced the start of the event. It cant be a coincidence. Latency went up by 50+
  11. If that's the case you should really look into this this matter. Windows update shouldn't activate trade lock . Apb is complicated enough already without this...thing -_-
  12. Well there is a difference between trading between 2 players or buying something from the marketplace and not it's not obvious, because i get trade locked message at random times in the chat. But if i go to the marketplace i can't even press the buy button
  13. Really i have money and i can't buy anything....could it be because of the trade lock? I saw this thread (https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6702-trade-lock/), my windows 10 also updated and in the chat i get the messege i wont be able to trade anything for the next 46h...
  14. This was suggested many times to the previous company, but they clearly didn't want to change things. I agree with this idea, there is no point having factions in fc and i really hope Little Orbit does something about it
  15. Matt i'm sorry but this event is just bad, let me explain why. Chemical gas takes too much health damage, it's really impossible to attack if there's somebody defending. The only time you can actually attack is if the place where the barrel is has more floors or maybe a highway, building roof. This is another stupid thing that the gas is only on the same level, floor as the barrel is. If you are a little higher or lower you get no damage so of course some places are really easy to attack and hard to defend. The last thing the barrels are way too hard to destroy, not only that you can actually repair them with blowtorch (which was probably not intended and you should fix right away)
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