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  1. Im with the biscuit guy even tho i dont like him the engine upgrade will be the death of APB. I played a game before that went through exactly this situation of apb right now (although apb being a little bit better towards its likely end) "blacklight: retribution". the game was dying for a long time but most vets stayed playing/keeping in touch with the game because there would be a massive update that everyone was hyped for; "parity patch", when it was finnaly delivered it essentially changed alot of things that most vets didnt appreciate, still alot of old players started playing again and yeah they kept adding stuff but mostly: skins/animations/emotes etc. then everyone realized the most awaited patch of the game was just the same game with even more problems but more skins and useless items and so it kept dying until its death recently on pc this last month. so TL;DR: i've seen this EU is just to make the inevitable death slower. when the game is about to die they will pump /pop numbers one last time with EU. alot of people will be unhappy with EU. and the death.
  2. I think this might be it with the game, only half and empty promises till now with LO. i mean even if they're not empty theres a limit on how much time you can take. it was a good game.
  3. voteckick function ? may even ask the enemy team to kick a player for a stated reason. example: afk not doing anything 400m+.
  4. Can someone explain to me why is this the only online game that i play that gets DDoSed ???
  5. wtf why none of the colored names says anything its been like this for like 3 hours.
  6. redhill is an institute of technology that got its webpage hacked by a group of hackers and no body knows why, but there were some hints in morse code in that page that led us to the name of a cat, "clawdia" that always screams to his owner for food in the morning, the name of the cat was the owner's password and we managed to hack her redhills account and there we found the blueprint of a BOMB would you belive that? also in that blueprint was an armas code that gave us a token and the tiers will be given tomorrow to each player that used the code. your welcome.
  7. Guacamole

    revert shotguns

    NFAS is now a true ogre without the wind-up, and the true ogre is now an overkill
  8. Guacamole

    cant log in

    It happens to me too but redeemed it in 3 accounts and just 2 of them are having that problem.
  9. what about a small pvp arena where you can duel between teams or alone with no rewards... orrrrr maybe you can have the option to make a bet of whatever items you agree to risk between teams/persons.
  10. buffing the star to make it as good as the n-tec would just make everyone switch to the star since it is much easier and we would have an atac version of the n-tec.
  11. i think people that complain about the n-tec are the ones that get destroyed by high skilled players and think that its because it's op instead of just being the skill based weapon of choice for most players. what im getting at is that the n-tec is a mediocre/average weapon if used by the average player but reeally good if used by a reeally skilled player. just like the atac its reeally easy to use and very a good gun but will never be as good as an ntec used correctly which in my pov makes it balanced.
  12. "BuT nO, Im lEgiT jUsT liKe EVeRYoNe GeTTiNg UnNbanNeD hEre"
  13. loving this update, i find it funny the game just became easier and now im getting hackusated alot more. makes me think that now they cant rely on anything but hackusate when they are getting rekt.
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