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  1. Dropped the one from 2000 after two episodes, I think. I couldn't stand the protagonists as far as I remember. Also I can't get in to the Mecha, Sci-Fi genre, it's just not for me, except for the rather mainstream works. But as long as someone enjoys it.
  2. Meta


    Making threads telling people that one is quitting the game for x reason were not allowed on the old forums by G1. OP previously made such a thread thinking his account was blocked, but it wasn't hence this thread.
  3. Just mentioning that Battle Eye is not some magical skill amplifier.
  4. You should though. There are over 20 weapons only obtainable through gambling mechanics? This doesn't look good at all. In hindsight you should change the model and take notes from the game Path of Exile. The developer releases gambling boxes as well, the content is purely cosmetic, but that aside. They display the odds of each item and release it's content after approximately three months to be normally purchasable through a set price in their cash shop. Therefore those boxes work as a kind of early access. Which would be better if you don't want to entirely remove them. €: Also take care of these specifically named Joker Boxes. I mean do you want to associate your employees with gambling, i.e. GM's Power Joker Mystery Box? Not to mention that their description says limited release only, so removing them should be no problem at all. Take your time, but keep that in mind.
  5. Vouching for wipe of unmerged/inactive character names
  6. No server sub forum and dislike button? Is this a forum for casuals? LUL
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