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  1. Great changes, I'd like to suggest reducing the rating requirement for the 195 mods (car surfer, tryhard tablets, fragile etc.) to make them more accessible to new players though, right now the only way for low rating players to access these mods is through joker store at a 250 jt/week rate which is quite steep for new characters. Please either abolish rating requirements for mods, or bring these mods in line with the others.
  2. Any of the mentioned concerns would be reason for me to not come back tbh
  3. I really hope BattlEye has improved since last you tried it, we've never seen as few cheaters as after EAC was implemented tbh.
  4. Ban announcement was extremely toxic, and also brought a certain kind of infamy with it so nah, it shouldn't be brought back.
  5. Thank you for disclosing this information, however even with an increase to the base chance of recieving a legendary drop, this still doesn't guarantee that you won't be able to purchase hundreds of boxes and still not have the weapon you desire. I would suggest adding a "pity timer" mechanic, that either increases drop chance as you purchase more of the same boxes, until you hit the jackpot, or alternatively make it a guarantee that the legendary will drop upon the 100th or 150th box, and then reset the counter.
  6. everything is already half price of what it was during reloaded production
  7. Det her er nu en Dansker-tråd
  8. The switch can't run APB, the hardware is quite weak
  9. Theme stealing was never really gone, it was back almost as soon as it was patched, just not in any public or free cheats
  10. Don't post on an open forum if you don't want people to reply G1/LO doesn't owe you anything
  11. Can confirm armas works. Now if only I could try out my new guns
  12. Hello, I would like to suggest adding new/more instruments for use in the theme/song creator There are a lot of creative people in APB and some of them make amazing themes, they constantly come up with new ways to use the limited amount of instruments in the game However the current instruments are starting to feel a bit stale. Therefore, I would like to suggest adding new instruments to the game to freshen up the music creator scene -IronicTerror
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