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  1. Man DDOS-ers for this game have some persistence, if nothing else. It seems almost relentless.
  2. Hooray! Lag's being looked into! Hooray! Celebration! Dis gon be a good week!
  3. Speaking from my personal experience, I can't 1v1 a gunfight for my life. My mechanical skill in aiming and juking around is pathetic, but I've realized my map awareness is passable at least, so I just use that. I just always flank the opponent when possible. There's always hints that the game provides you to predict where your opponent is/is going: 1. Minimap shows location whenever they fire their gun, which is usually fairly often. 2. Player movement speed is almost always more or less constant. If you spot someone running up to the building, you can approximate where they are knowing the building's entrances, and ambush them. 3. Vehicle spawners always show up on map, and most players use them whenever possible. Combined with the above point, you can guess where they're running in from even without gunfire, catching them unawares. Being a non-procedurally generated (and yet massive) map, knowing the area helps far more than in some other shooters. I've played matches where the entirety of my killcount is just running around the objective building and shooting the opp in back while they're occupied with the rest of my team.
  4. Now that's detail! Thanks for the post!
  5. Sure thing. Keep an eye out for me, and I'll do the same vice versa (Well if you use the same names in game, I guess)
  6. I'm phasing through cars. I feel like Vanellope Von Schweetz with less self control and on drugs.
  7. While I wholeheartedly believe the LO is aware of and is developing some counteremeasure against this DDoS, we really do need something immediately for this, bandaid solution or otherwise. This is actually making the game unplayable, not just unfun.
  8. Pity counter! I like this idea, might start buying a few boxes during BOGO if this gets implemented. Only during BOGO though, I'm poor.
  9. Using the STAR on a good day, after a couple cups of coffee....... oh yea.
  10. Good point, now that you mention it I haven't experienced any severe packet loss or jitter-teleports as much today.
  11. Guys like OP probably think "getting rid of lag" is as easy as int main{ boolean LAG = 0; };
  12. While APB runs on different engine than Fallen Earth, I'll assume for the following that G1 had about the same coding prowess in both games. From reading MattScott's State of the Game posts on the FE subforum, G1's code base was so beyond mangled that they had multiple include libraries and repeated code all over the place where they didn't need to be, which would slow down the game severely since it's calling external code where it doesn't need to. Alot of LO's current work there is properly reorganizing all this stuff, and pretty much just making sure that existing code is placed where it should be. While Matt hasn't made a SotG post for APB, I'm hoping that fact means that we're in a slightly better state than FE is, and might get performance fixes sooner. All things said, it should improve performance quite a bit after they're done, but no telling when that would be since we don't really how the scale of the codebase LO has to sift through.
  13. Mug Men Reclamation Services is in operation! Wherever there's loot, you got it, we'll take it! ABOUT: Mug Men is a casual criminal clan that ramraids, does missions, chills, whatever. Most importantly, we look damn good doing it. We're in Jericho server hanging out, feel free to say hi and have a mug! ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: 16+ Fluent in English Don't be toxic (Discord/mic would be preferable, but not necessary) Hop into our server at https://discord.gg/tt4KzGj, all welcome! Hit up ShiniChiyo, ujildURness or Mastermind12 to join in the fun!
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