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  1. Keep up the work. I still pop in from time to time to see how things are going and wish your crew best of luck.
  2. Any possibility to see community created items in Fallen Earth? Reskinned or remodeled items. Years ago I asked a Dev about this and they said it's out of the realm of possibilities due to policies and one would actually have to be employed by G1 in order to access the assets. Some of us who have played for a long time have a better grasp on how items should look with the apocalypse and lore and could make a great addition to the marketplace or lockboxes.
  3. Not exactly possible and would easily be circumvented. What is possible is making crosshair scale with resolution. I'd propose the size of the crosshair in 1920x1080 and the size of the reticle in 2560x1440.
  4. One thing to note; these can be applied retroactively if they do ever decide to bring them back.
  5. Great write-up, Hooli. You should make an imgur album of screenshots from Crafters Market over the years and put it here
  6. I think he derped and meant faction titles. Currently there is two unused placeholders for faction titles. Back on topic; 5 ranks in clan is plenty for functionality. A more suitable suggestion would be the ability to add notes to users in clan similar to how ESO and other games have.
  7. That can be done with anything in Fallen Earths marketplace, can't it? For awhile premiums were the most valuable item and thus targeted. Would it help if tradeable premiums could only be bought by premium accounts?
  8. So you're a lazy clone or work your patootie off all day only to return to the wastelands to see your progression stagnating! How are you going to fight all these clones, reclone clones, scavenge the wastelands, explore or conquer!? Fear not, clone! "Why not", you ask! Great, now shut up and read. Here is a way to passively level your character or alts while you're offline or playing your main character. Fresh out of Hoover Dam? Get to killing those blade dancers until you're level 4, clone! THIS IS NOT HOW TO POWER LEVEL QUICKLY AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS Notes: 1. This requires a fair bit of resources (Best to already have a level 55 crafter, a clan or friend who will provide you with materials) 2. This is best done with Premium (Survivalist, Wastelander or Commander ideally) 3. Redistribute your main stat attributes Intelligence and Perception to lower your tradeskill cap to that of the tradeskill of the item you are crafting to optimise experience gained from crafting until you reach the next level in the guide. 4. To optimise experience gained allow all crafts to be finished in queue but do not click complete until you have Commander Aura x6 stacked, bunker bar Rest buff and use Lambda Team/Clone Psychoactive Shots 5. The colour of the tradeskill level on a recipe within your Recipes window are proficiency indication. GREY means you can craft it but wont gain any tradeskill points with minimal if any experience, GREEN means you can craft it and gain tradeskill points with reduced experience, WHITE means you can craft it and gain tradeskill points with maximum experience while RED means you need to raise your tradeskill to craft it. 6. There is 2 to 6 harvesters to choose from at each tradeskill level (45, 60, 90, 105, 120, 135, 165, 180) all requiring the same materials at their respective level with the exception of Rothium Harvesters. It is best to craft useful ones which I tried to use in this guide. 7. Leveling from 50-55 is always best done in Dome round 1 but you can ask other players about that in-game 8. Each Harvester will net 1K to 2.5K experience at later levels providing 20k-75k of experience daily granted you use workshop buff CRAFT TO RAISE CONSTRUCTION TRADESKILL: PLAYER LEVEL 4: CAMPS 1: [Recipe: Wooden Support] Construction level 9-30 [Component: Scrap Wood x5] TOTAL: 105 [Component: Weak Adhesive x1] TOTAL: 21 CAMPS 1: [Recipe: Wooden Support] Construction level 30-45 [Component: Scrap Wood x5] TOTAL: 75 [Component: Weak Adhesive x1] TOTAL: 15 LEVELING FROM HARVESTERS: PLAYER LEVEL 5 Harvesters 1 [Recipe: Harvester Weak Geo Chem] Construction Tradeskill 45 [Component: Scrap Steel x10] [Component: Scrap Copper x2] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x1] PLAYER LEVEL 10: Harvesters 1 [Recipe: Harvester Scrap Plastic] Construction Tradeskill 60 [Component: Scrap Steel x10] [Component: Scrap Plastic x2] [Component: Scrap Plastic x2] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x1] PLAYER LEVEL 15: Harvesters 1: [Recipe: Harvester Weak Petroleum] Construction Tradeskill 75 [Component: Scrap Steel x15] [Component: Scrap Silver x2] [Component: Scrap Plastic x2] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x1] PLAYER LEVEL 20: Harvesters 2: [Recipe: Harvester Salvaged Gears] Construction Tradeskill 90 [Component: Salvaged Iron x15] [Component: Scrap Silver x3] [Component: Scrap Plastic x3] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x1] PLAYER LEVEL 25: Harvesters 2: [Recipe: Harvester Scrap Carbon Steel] Construction Tradeskill 105 [Component: Salvaged Iron x15] [Component: Scrap Silver x4] [Component: Scrap Plastic x4] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x2] PLAYER LEVEL 30: Harvesters 2: [Recipe: Harvester Scrap Titanium] Construction Tradeskill 120 [Component: Salvaged Steel x10] [Component: Salvaged Silver x2] [Component: Salvaged Plastic x2] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x2] PLAYER LEVEL 35: Harvesters 2: [Recipe: Harvester Impure Petroleum] Construction Tradeskill 135 [Component: Salvaged Steel x15] [Component: Salvaged Silver x3] [Component: Salvaged Plastic x3] [Component: Weak Generator Fuel x2] PLAYER LEVEL 40: Harvesters 3: [Recipe: Harvester Improved Rubber] Construction Tradeskill 150 [Component: Average Iron x10] [Component: Salvaged Silver x3] [Component: Salvaged Plastic x3] [Component: Impure Generator Fuel x1] PLAYER LEVEL 45: Harvesters 3: [Recipe: Harvester Salvaged Carbon Steel] Construction Tradeskill 165 [Component: Average Iron x15] [Component: Salvaged Silver x3] [Component: Salvaged Plastic x3] [Component: Impure Generator Fuel x2] PLAYER LEVEL 50 Harvesters 3: [Recipe: Harvester Salvaged Titanium] Construction Tradeskill 180 [Component: Common Steel x10] [Component: Common Silver x2] [Component: Common Plastic x2] [Component: Impure Generator Fuel x2]
  9. Wow I am very grateful to hear this as I'm sure many others are. Thank you very much for changing the price of premiums and thank you for the sale too!
  10. One of the issues with unbanning everyone is not only does it potentially unlock hordes of wealth that can be detrimental to the in-game economy as well as the monetary performance of Fallen Earth it also frees up a lot of spare accounts for people to resell again hurting the monetary value of Fallen Earth. For those that rerolled multiple times they should only be allowed to choose one account to retrieve or any accounts they had prior to being banned because some of those accounts were leveled with duped items and geared up fully with duped items. Serious offenders should be given amnesty and allowed to reroll without fear of being banned again for evasion and past offenses and those with lesser offenses (trashtalk, harassment etc.) should have their accounts reinstated completely. This is all a moot point now though but I think LO missed an opportunity to set things right in a way where those who played legitimately are given a little justice. Any unbanning should be done on a case by case basis though and accounts vaults given a once over. If somebody doesn't bother submitting a ticket then they have not much interest in playing again and would most likely sell their account.
  11. Interesting but I feel as though he carefully selected poor gameplay footage that was either of bugs, was laggy or showed Fallen Earth as a barren wasteland with no other players that had no relevance to what he was talking about at that point of time in the video. But any publicity is good publicity
  12. Something as simple as a quest giver in Progress Town (25), Stronghold (35), Citadel (45) and Outpost (55) with a daily mission that rewards +25% gains for 1 hour and gives some tokens where after 30 consecutive days a user can spend the tokens on something like 1 day of Commander Premium (Potentially 4-6 days of premium a month depending on how many chars a user has), Faction/DT/XP boosters, Pack Upgrades, Vault Expansions (Different types than what is available on Marketplace and RP merchant), Faction shirts, . Could even have unique trinkets like +20 on each tradeskill, +20 social trinket. Of course these items must all be untradeable and unselleable from this type of merchant.
  13. Faction needs more than quirky restraints for being in it to make it viable to play the part. I believe restricting heals to the same faction would hurt smaller groups who often only get PvP by joining a bigger group and it would ultimately force everybody into two factions and ostracizing a few leftover. For factions to matter there needs to be a reason to be in it and participate in it. Ironically, despite all of GORE flaws, the weapons had an expensive upkeep in contrast to it's predecessors that forced people to harvest Rothium and do GORE bosses to craft ammunition and repair kits. Prior to this we had Tier 2 DT gear which required 360k reputation order to buy the recipe and the components then to assemble it one had to buy Tier 1 non-tradeable pieces of gear. All this in some shape or form got people involved in factions. Now we have AP weapons with no requirement and no upkeep and GT suits that can be obtained with ease. Any PvP gear should've always had an expensive requirement and upkeep like having to acquire an untradeable base weapon like Tier 2 DT weapons had especially with AP weapons and how much more powerful they are than their predecessors. We have far better gear now that is easier to obtain than GORE and Tier 2 DT gear. One issue that remains though is balancing PvE gear and PvP gear so neither community feels leftout: A possible solution would be changing the damage types of PvP weapons and gear so that PvE gear would be inferior in PvP and PvP gear would be inferior in PvE resist wise. A lot of factors contributed to the demise of factions, including duping which made it unnecessary to harvest or PvP to get DT.... But the reality is no single change will simply make factions matter overnight but incremental progression can help shape it. It is all to little to late now but something minor that can be changed would be putting the materials on all the conflict town merchants onto Blockade and FH's merchants and also adding a simple quest to FH to upgrade the merchant to get those supplies,
  14. Basic - Simple - Average - Advanced Light Pale Medium Pure Rare Dark (the last color slot is empty) Royal Rainbow This is a repost from old forums I found very useful.
  15. It's great to see a no glitz no glamour straight to the point state of the game. Don't ever feel obliged to sugar coat anything for whatever reasons there may be. And thank you very much for clearing up the capacity to fix and work on Fallen Earth.
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