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  1. Big ups to my man Matt for the detailed breakdown and the unconditional apology. Feels good to not be treated like an idiot. The compensation is also a nice touch. 10/10 good PR moves.
  2. Yeah the seasonal reward system leaves a bad taste in my mouth, nothing about that system is consumer friendly. I agree with other posters in the thread. Feels like LO just lifted successful things from other BR's wholesale and dumped them into a game where nobody wants them. The gamemode sounds fun, the reward structure sounds like garbage.
  3. Is this a necro? I feel like it's a necro. Good post, worth necromancing.
  4. I think there's a point where you can fight someone and learn nothing just because they're that much better than you. You can learn from struggling against a better opponent, you can't learn if you just get facerolled.
  5. As a big ol' warframe shill let me tell you it's a good game and that you should try it. But as for its monetization model, it's a two-tier currency model with a cash-shop. The only things that are exclusive to the cash shop are cosmetic and the premium currency is tradeable. It's very possible to play the game 100% f2p and still get everything out of it. Of course, most people who enjoy the game still end up spending quite a bit of money on it. The dev team being great at community interaction is also pretty handy.
  6. A better suggestion might have been League of legends or Warframe, both of which rely on inspiring a desire to purchase, instead of imposing a need for it, but are also both thriving and successful games. Agree with you though. Good ideas.
  7. The JG-841 "Firecracker". It's literally the only weapon I use (occasionally I'll pull out an OSMAW for shits). I don't even think the 3-point sling 1 that comes with it helps in any way, at this point I've just gotten attached to that stupid fuckin' gun and limit myself to only using that.
  8. Gotta admire the dedication though, man's willing to fight for what he thinks is right.
  9. ITT: people post walls of text at a man who refuses to read any of them
  10. I broadly disagree that what you're suggesting would be balanced, but I'm just gonna poke out these little bits and say that the rate of captures to rescues you often see in games does not reflect a self-balancing effect at all. And for the second one, the risk that the capturer takes is not at all similar to the risk that the hostage free-er takes. Being that the absurd amount of time that you're stunned for after losing to LTL is more than enough for any would-be captor to finish up fights or call over allies, able to arrest you at their leisure. As a result, arresting ends up being safer than freeing an arrested criminal.
  11. Hey man, I got silver in my first mission and then that's just how it was. I didn't know I was signing up for this abuse. I want to get off the ride but Mister Bones won't let me.
  12. -You get the entire team's blame for every loss. EVERY LOSS. -People TK you and leave your teams 'cause you're silver -Opponents BM the shit outta you. Man, I get that I might not be the best at this game but damn you guys are fuckin' mean. 1 like = 1 prayer
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