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  1. There is some truth in the argument that facing better players teaches newer players how to play and it will make em better in the long run, even tho they may start with a lot of losses initially. However a gaming community is a lot more diverse then just people in prime time gaming age and good health. Games also have people with disabilities playing (be it only one working arm, one hand, less fingers on a hand, one eye not working etc.. ) or simply being older players that aged past prime time for gaming. When you get older your reactions only get slower and you won't respond well to adrenaline spikes anymore... yet all of those people may still enjoy playing a shooter casually. Aging happens naturally to everyone, picking disabilities up can also happen to everyone so there is a lot of reasons why there are high rank low threat players that stay that way and why golds also should be able to lose threat if their performance gets worse. This game simply doesn't feature a player pool large enough (especially on the us server) to support better match making without the old threat segregation band-aid fix especially when taking grouping into account and finding a match within a reasonable waiting time.
  2. Question regarding the friendlist change.. the friend list is still toon-wide and not server-wide accross all own toons right and accepting it is too right ? So if i lets say want to add one clanmate's 4 toons across my 3 toons on one server... we'd have to exchange 12 invite/accept windows now ? I hope those can be send when the other one is offline at least, otherwise organizing the logging through toons to get it done would just be ridiculous time intense..
  3. High rank has nothing to do with high skill tho. You can have a dozen rank 255 toons and still not be able to keep your gold in silver district.. simply because of having disabilities or being an older player with blurry vision and slow reflexes. Most of those tryhards in bronze (the types that go gold in bronze every time) only get it because they use cheesy guns like attac's, ogre's, volcano's alot or run into people that are much worse then them (due to poor matchmaking)... you may think they are DT'ers but im sure they get their patootie handed to them easily by real golds and thus lose their threat normally anyway. Also poor match making simply is the result of the limited population in districts and the games overall low population, its rather unrealistic to think it would go away easily.
  4. The guy writing the article said " I never have more than a passing interest in changing my appearance when I play games, no matter how fancy the tools to do so are. " so basically everything this game is unique and excels in compared to other games was totally lost on that guy. He shoulda put a tl;dr up saying just that, cause that woulda saved me the time reading the article. Its really not worth reading. Theres always those peope that don't care how their character looks as long as the game has a cute wallpaper (read: a good looking map). For me it was always the opposite, the map can look like from the 80ties it wouldn't bother me.. less map distraction is a rather good thing. I like the uniqueness and creativity people put in their characters and cars in apb together with an okay weapon balance and map thats maybe less about looks but more about balance (every spot has at least 2 entrances etc..). There really is no other shooter out there that can compete with apb in character customization.
  5. "so hackable" - guess someone hasn't watched videos on youtube yet what hax modders can do in GTA online.. apb is kinda tame, seen muuuuuuch worse in other games already.
  6. Can you make a similar type of statement regarding other very popular edits that ain't done by the advanced launcher ? Namely those, - always-sprint config change - no-mouse-acceleration config fix - crouch button config change - sound file removals Often when watching people stream apb i've noticed that they removed certain sound files, music, death themes, some map sound emitters sometimes voice overs.. which provides a much better experience for the viewers as the background music isn't as much disturbed by some humming generator or the annoying joker ammo voice over or trolly people trying to grief the streamers with extra loud car music following em around. Ideally i guess it would be nice to have some in game options for all of that.. However for now if would be nice to know if any of those changes could be a problem with the implementation of BE, especially the first two on the list are pretty much must-haves id say.
  7. So i've read here ( https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/116-questions-for-lo/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-1603 ) that the new GMs are volunteers, which i kinda read as theres players that volunteered with GM powers now. Considering apb is well known for being a game with a rather toxic community this seems like a rather bad idea and makes me want to ask the following questions.. - are those volunteers players themself ? - what tasks do those gms have exactly ? - what special powers do those gms have exactly ? - assuming they are players.. what is your selection process for those people ? - assuming they are players.. how you prevent them from using their powers (if they have any) to take revenge on people that beat em before ?
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