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  1. kolaman91

    True ogre

    What do you mean? What’s the problem?
  2. kolaman91

    Secret Epidemic Team???

    Oh the irony... It's probably blue because it's a waypoint.
  3. kolaman91

    Please Restart NA

    Surprised how many people are playing even though everyone's warping.
  4. kolaman91


    Why did you post this?
  5. Fixing vivox shouldn't be prioritized at all... But yeah would be cool to see some new screenshots on the progress of the 3.5 upgrade.
  6. kolaman91

    Quick post - Gamescom wrap up

    alright thanks for the reply. So the trade system will be live around september 19th on the Live server? or OTW for testing? "Trading the week of the 3rd" That doesn't mean the third week lol (no offense). Pretty sure Matt means sometime of that week (September 3rd).
  7. Well said. For starters, LO needs to rework the whole tutorial system, it's a complete mess. They need to implement a whole new version because right now new players don't read it at all because it's just so boring, and then they're just so lost. Once they fix the tutorial system, players will learn the game, population will rise, and then they can work on the other stuff.
  8. I'll be expecting the Thunder restricted to me on the marketplace Kappa I wish I had your luck.
  9. kolaman91

    LO has good taste

    Not gonna lie, when I saw the splash screen get changed, I got hyped as hell lol Really does look nice.
  10. They should add a FPS Limit option similar to Fortnite's where you can choose your desired limit. Not sure if this is possible with APB's current engine, but it would be nice if you could set it past your monitors refresh rate like Fortnite and other games.
  11. kolaman91

    Rank on OTW

    Sure, I'd love to be able to test more. OTW Character name: DayZ