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  1. Definitely a good move from LO, maximizing this game’s future. Hopefully the ads themselves don’t cause any new performance issues or take away from the feel of the game which some players really care about.
  2. Saw this before, I guess I'll try it out now. I'll edit this and post results later. also this might be useful (if you set it as Z) EDIT: Alright so I tried it out and I think I can say it somewhat helps. Felt like there were less stutters and when they did happen, they weren't big, long stutters that I sometimes get. I did notice more of a difference when I played offstream though, but that's probably because of my poor setup. Anyway, I would definitely recommend trying this out since there's no reason not to.
  3. oh i've gotten it and also helped like 30 people get it as well lol
  4. wait, i thought it was a myth? how are people surviving 10 minutes lmao
  5. Yup I think it has something to do with the latest patch, game stutters way harder than the usual.
  6. It's not like they planned it to be postponed. Things get in the way in life in general, more so in game development. I like when they give out dates, even if something goes wrong because it gives us an estimate or a timeline of what to expect.
  7. That's messed up man. Hope you're safe.
  8. Why not wait until you guys implement the phasing system? Or is this part of the phasing plan? Wouldn't this be a little irrelevant once phasing comes around since the plan is to place you in a match based on your ping and location? A little confused.
  9. Exciting news, can't wait for Wednesday. Might have to fail some of my finals... Whatever it takes.
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