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  1. I have to agree with everything said by Fay Wray (Baddog). I will also miss my online family very much PS. Just so's LO are aware - I will still be clinging to the server when the plug is pulled (if only in the hope's that it's all a big joke and the lights will really stay on... I can dream!!! ). Here till the end Steelsky, All Heart, Squibb, Angel Rayne, Shaundi Saint, Jynx Irvin, Storm Ororo, Loretta Young, Fawne, Rogue Fury, Raven Evenege, Acquilla, Ice Aracelis, Cascata, Miss Wings, Pure Snow, Cody Millan, Pebbles Moonstone... (There are many more but those are the ones I used more often )
  2. Typical... Just get in from work after a 15hr shift and have an hour to play before an early night, ready to start work again in 7hrs and I can't play
  3. Just me or no character at char select for anyone else?
  4. Always happens when I have a rare day off work... lol - Oh well, forced into real life again
  5. Extended maintenance? Or just me that get's 'currently down for maintenance' message?
  6. I feel I'm being forced to do real life... and I don't like it...
  7. Same. Fell off the ladder in a bunker bar into the bright light of nothingness - probably still falling... Tried to relog but couldn't exit the game, had to go through task manager and then couldn't log back in. Message check internet
  8. So far today I have had trouble with in-game consoles - firstly when taking a new toon from Hoover Dam. Tried to select a town to spawn to but no response. The message kept saying 'already chosen a town and to try again'. Same message repeatedly. Tried a relog but then got the blank character screen (no toons). Waited for about an hour and was then able to log in again. Just now, tried using ft from s3 to s2 with no response. Again tried relog but again am back at blank character screen...
  9. My mail stopped working (no items when opening or error when trying to take items), so I tried a relog but now I have blank character screen again Went for something to eat, came back, tried to log in- success but the 3 mail I'd tried to open came back as lost and found and original messages were also still there. Had 2 lots of each mail content in pack after taking original mail. Tried to delete the extras but message said I didn't have the items. Re-logged again and extras had gone, so all back to normal - Relog fixes most - or at least saved me from accidental duping... Thank goodness!!
  10. Same for me... over an hour ago blank char screen, then half hour or so ago and just now, getting game not ready initializing
  11. If I log in and lose 8lvls, some of my alts won't even exist lol - think I'll wait for the go-ahead from the team
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