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  1. Thats debatable, if Gamersfirst hadnt abandoned FE to try and port APB onto Playstation so they could cash in on the old GTA it could have been very different, when FE hit Steam numbers went thru the roof (so many players you couldnt find traders or missions on the map, solid players until you turned off their markers) but instead of working to keep the players all the income and work was siphoned off to APB, leaving FE to wither.
  2. Nice to see some progress, tho a shame FE is still shackled to APB.
  3. That was the promise from Gamers First 4 or 5 (or more?) years ago, APB would be priority, getting the most dev time and all the advertising, but as soon as it was up and running it would be a cash cow to bootstrap FE.... That simple statement poisened APB for me, would never even download it.
  4. She finally slipped away without fanfare, but with considerable regret, goodbye Fallen Earth, see you at the big reboot in the sky. The odds have been against FE for years now, and APB has finally won.
  5. Doesnt really need a source, LO only have 4 games now, with their original 3 (just 3, so staff will be minimal) being nothing like FE or APB (so little inhouse skill to draw on), and seeing as how APB has (as always) taken priority they wont have any staff or cash to spare until APB makes money, APB wont cause it never has, and the whole project will be shelved. I also think FE scared them, judging by the difficulties they had just moving the server they realised just how old, how specialist and how patched the whole thing is, in IT terms its prob so badly out of date its like giving someone fresh from college who can word process a mechanical typewriter and asking for a finished book by end of the day. Having said all that, i would love to be wrong, hope dies last.
  6. All the stuff you need for PvE is available without going into PvP zones, either solo or with pairs/small teams who know what they are doing and a few heals on each other there is no mission or boss you cant do in FE with standard crafted equipment and the right combination of food/drink/science/trinket/faction buffs, the high end equipment that is only got in Dome or with DT is just needed for Dome or PvP. Other than GORE, Dome and Outpost the PvE has remained the same since well before coresuits or GT suits were even ingame and volatile weapons were top tier.
  7. Ok, im gonna have to officially thank (?) Deavonden and Red Sonia for tricking me into accepting clan lead 2550 days ago, but thats mostly because im not sure Red wouldnt track me down to beat me up (grabs crotch and spits...) while deav looks on laughing....
  8. Hi to any and all members past and present Sad to see FE is finally getting the plug pulled, we will all miss it, and i miss the great times you guys all provided. Ive got to say thanks to you all, the people are what make a clan, not numbers or the skill or the trash talked, and for my money you were the best clan in FE and probably one of the longest continually running. We had great and helpful crafters who would help without being asked, generous players who would help donate mats the clan needed willingly, teams that led PvE (GORE Bosses im looking at you, we owned your asses!) and even had our moments with some of the heavyweights in PvP, and always (i hope) included anyone who wanted to come along at any time and have a go. I guess in short you were my weird and sometimes dysfunctional online family, and i dont think another game will ever get the same mix of decent and mostly like minded people together again, which saddens me. To our enemies, i can say in all honesty we didnt realise how much we would miss you till you were gone, RFDC, Rage, Wives, Exile to name a few, you kept us active, wish you all well. This post was either gonna be very long and rambling, or short an sweet, you guys got lucky cause i just cant compress this many years of FE and people to thank into any sized post, so short it is Tl;Dr Title says it all Baddog (Clan Leader), Fay Wray, Lizzie Bathory, Clarke Gable, Sophia Lauren P.s. Would be great if anyone with screenshots can post them here..... Honerable special mention to Isacan and Ebbel, loved by us, hated and feared by many x
  9. The lack of PvP was also one of the reasons FE got empty.... The games interest came from the mix of PvP and PvE, both had their upsides and if you never got to grips with PvP you missed out on a big part of the game, especially with how PvP used to synch with the whole faction idea and bonus'. Also the PvP areas are a small % of total map areas and quite well marked on the map, easy to avoid if you want to, and contain nothing that cant be obtained in some form or amount elsewhere (used to make a fortune from Hollister merchant back in the day tho!). PvP was also integral in the basic economy idea, crafters make and PvPrs supply the mats found in the PvP zone through trade.
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