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  1. OMG What wonderful news. First question: How is the development of the game progressing? Is there an exact date? Second question: are we getting the old characters back with all materials/equipment?
  2. I'm a member of the Porns clan, but i cant do dome, ctf and outpost events. How is it now?
  3. Hi Jaxton I only need my old characters .Thats all.
  4. I remember when I started the game (it wasn’t yesterday ) there were a lot of 55 players already here. I never felt that they would hinder me, In fact, they inspired me. I hope one day I can play with my old characters.I've invested a lot of time in them, 5 years , and I wasn’t even close to the "endgame". Do you want to start over with yours old acc? Do it, don't play with your old character,make new,and start ower. Fallen Earth is an old game, time to update.Update is the solution, not the wipe. It takes time? yes it takes time.but I give it time because the game deserves it. I know I’m just one player, and if I don’t play anymore, 3 others will take my place. One player is nothing. Cheaters are everywhere, it's not FE specific. Unfortunately, the game didn’t have a good owner after a while,it's not the players' fault. I do not protect cheaters, ban them immediately!!
  5. I hope you can stabilize the game. Good to see old comrades
  6. and no splitting what else do we not need? lol Should be normal gameplay !
  7. I hope LO fixed all issuses before re launch. Lag, duplication. Or no? Lag Monster coming back?
  8. I’ve been there too, I’ve done it too, but I don’t want to start over. "2009 " past Now 2021 and soon 2022 I want to continue my adventure
  9. This is good new. We need new registration for Classis FE or we can use old account?
  10. Nowadays more than 100 stupid games available Fallen Earth cool game, The best I've played so far, and Fallen Earth not available. Why is it not available??? Why?? I do not understand i vote Great YES to the petition
  11. Game have again log in issue? I cant log in.
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