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  1. Donate to the players in jericho who has the spirit to play in jericho server even with all the DDoSing first.
  2. EU is like a mouse trap with cheese and we are the mice. How many mice do you think the trap will hold?
  3. At that point , its impossible to confirm anything.
  4. I did , but not in game sorry. I am lazy to do a proper video to hide his name and show you what I found suspicious. Posting that on forum seems pointless, the post is not just about that or that one guy. Thank you for your feedback. Appreciated.
  5. why did he need it in the middle of the stream, he did not have it for the good 30 min of the stream. Later after someone pointing it out on his stream about it , he turned it off like a good lad. So I am still on the assumption that it was just not just a cross hair overlay. Sorry.
  6. Still not sure the one I spotted was actually using a cross-hair while he did not need it for the big chunk of that stream and all of a sudden he needed it , so I am still not convinced it is just a cross hair at that point, I do have some suspicious no recoil moments in that stream later on after he has the cross hair popped up.
  7. well if they are streaming with cheats , its better to get them banned faster. By alert system I mean is a separate and exclusive session of report/support to handle streaming cheaters asap. Ps : Alert is for LO to get notified about the cheater not for players.
  8. I am not sure because , he did not have it while he was streaming earlier and he had it after a hot-key press during a mission. Since then, no recoil but there was hit-reg delays.
  9. oh I did and told others streaming to report the guy too.
  10. Hypothesis


    they dont since we have live streaming ones who are proud to show of their cheats to rub it in our faces.
  11. We need to a cheater alert system to massively send reports against those streaming with cheats. It is just rub in the face at that point when they think its ok to stream with cheats.
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