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  1. Ever wish you got a raise everytime you win against a gold
  2. This was just for fun Like where you want to stay or something
  3. am 100 percent sure they don't go FC to pick on us they go there for jt and crap just like the rest of us
  4. taking one for the team here person below me go ahead
  5. What it's kinda easier to kill golds in fight club then in mission district
  6. Skilled players(all the golds in silver district) don't care who you are, a bronze, a silver anyone else. you are still getting stomped
  7. my bad i made mistake i just meant that the next day i went to play and some dude kept focusing on my low levels, the person dont really attack me either because i killed the person before she kills me, and we lost and the person was gold well i forgot who was who but i remembered i had bronzes and 1 trainee with some silvers , the day before that we had no golds at all we said stuff like "shhhh the dethreaters are asleep" because everyone was having fun and we had a lot of bronzes and didn't have any fake golds at all , alot of us wanted to escape from the b*llshit from silver district.
  8. i just love how the next day after i helped revive bronze district(before that it would never reach 10 people it was about 4-5 people) by letting all the new players and bronzes to get free kills we already had a gold that morning
  9. wasnt it kinda gone before LO well idk since the first time i even bother was back in PS4
  10. ding ding ding ding ding. good answer they also never gave a f*ck if they finished the game with no new updates to even bother staying . makes me question their existence do the dethreat son of a b**chs have anything better to do?
  11. You know what f**k it. Just legalize teamkilling (on golds or blacklist ) Am sure a bunch of us are sick and tired of these punks
  12. i even have a better idea. if they add blocking and all that stuff, golds in bronze shouldn't be allow to even do those other than LMB. i wanna watch trainees and bronzes beat the living hell out of dethreaters
  13. That's true because that was like one person out of the/ hundreds of other golds that got theirs from destroying silvers or below
  14. There is people that are literally both looking at the 2nd day after we revived bronze again back around Jan. There was this one person that said "silver gay" but then seems to have focus more on my trainee and low levels then me
  15. not just 200+ golds there is 170+ golds cheesing on low levels also
  16. I was about to think straight out kicking golds in bronze with your idea but then there is some people who randomly get gold like this one dude named idiotofamerica . It was me and some dude against him and some trainee. well we didnt give the trainee(who later sends us a friend request) hell which was a good thing the dude I was talking about didnt really do as much so we didnt really kill him as much the match ended I dont remember who won but the dude randomly got into gold (well hes not a dethreater that stomps new players hes a chill guy) so idk if we should do that am having mixed opinions with this
  17. Ok you are right because I use to get rekt by silver to the point I couldn't tell the difference between a gold and a silver since they where the same people
  18. Idk bro never really learned anything from getting farmed left and right learnt nothing at all tbh . unless you where a person who would help me with controlling the horrible recoil of the N-tec which kinda worked
  19. Yeah the euryale seems to do more damage than both medusa and stherno
  20. I dont really think so bro I haven't been really toxic to anyone with the stherno the only people Idk about the osmaw since it has some time untill it launches
  21. I just wanna give my bronze buddy a amg because i almost see no point of turning into in game currency when you can't do anything but use it when its a permanent weapon
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