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  1. Kind of have to agree that LO's stance on censorship is kind of offputting. I can understand wanting to keep things PG-13 but you guys moved away from Kung Fu Panda and Adventure Time to work on more mature games. Remember the time Finn caught Jake and Lady Rainicorn making babies? Yeah well you're allowing LESS mature topics than that. Talking about booba and showing booba are two vastly different things.
  2. I would like to submit my vote for "never" Though, you can buy joker tickets to rent them until they become permanent so they already are.
  3. In regards to the N-Tec, every time I "get shot when I'm behind the wall" it's the N-Tec. After I stopped being butthurt for 5 minutes I came to realize it's probably just latency favoring the laggers.
  4. Well these are some interesting concepts but I have a few opinions about it. 50 people in one district was fine for matchmaking. The problem was that those 50 people were the entire active (not in social) server a lot of the time. I don't think increasing it past 80 would make much of a difference until we had more people. Most of the people online were high tier players so it was more like 15-20 people at any time who wouldn't wipe the floor with everybody else. I don't think lack of players was a result of poor matchmaking as it was a result of...lack of players. Plus, a lot of the higher tier players had special weapons that made newbies consider it P2W. I got called a wallet warrior for my VAS-Sword contact reward which is just a reskinned N-Tec. More content would be nice, but it's not necessary for newer players to have fun. The largest and most egregious issue is that it's impossible to avoid the players who will consistently just dominate you ruthlessly. I mean, as hard of a pill as it may be to swallow, it's partially the community's fault for not going easier on newer players, but we can't be blamed for just playing the game. Engine update would be nice for more content but it's not going to solve the population issue. Also, CookiePuss is 100% correct. What's the purpose of shitposting on the forum? If you don't like the game then why are you here? It's not like G1 was doing any better so you've been playing a game you dislike for what like 8 years?
  5. They bought G1 for roughly 1.7mil USD (converted from euros) I don't know who you are or how much money you have so I'll just skip to the next part. It's so much easier said than done man. I can understand why Fallen Earth has poor retention. It's buggy, it's clunky, and it's not very action packed for new players. APB on the other hand, I didn't play as much as some people so from my understanding it just had monetization issues. Still, those are pretty much gone now and the amount of players hasn't improved. Spending money on ads doesn't seem like a great investment for these games unless there are major changes. The people who already know about APB are going to be like "funny meme, we've heard this one before" and any potential new players will say "this isn't GTA5 no thanks". Now, I think you have a good idea with the streamers though. Give out a ton of free (account locked!) items to these streamers and an additional small payment to advertise the game. Give them a code for 20% off their viewers' first Joker Ticket payment. All these items are free for LO to hand out and costs them nothing besides the additional payment. Youtube creators need sponsorships more than maggots need corpses right now, and they will all jump on it. Hell, you could even just give them a percentage of any payments made using their code instead of paying them directly. I originally started playing this game because Criken and BedBananas made videos on it. I'm nearly max level now. I wouldn't have played this genre of game if I didn't see them having so much fun (and stealing fun from other players who were ram raiding. "QUICK! GET THE FUN!"). In my eyes, APB doesn't even really need engine updates for it to be playable for all audiences. It needs better matchmaking and more population to keep the game fun. Joker tickets have fixed the monetization issues in my eyes. The devs need to update the engine to be able to more efficiently add more content, but that can be done while the server is up.
  6. I remember seeing these threads in Gaia Online because there were awards associated with having long threads lol
  7. I'm glad that people are running events like this. I never heard of the crafting market back when I first played but even with the auction house I think this is a great idea to keep the community close and help friends meet. I even think if there's an event manager that many people trust, they could collect funds for people to fast travel to Embry and back for the event. As well as helping them to afford extra materials to build crafts for giveaways.
  8. In regards to marketplace items: I think it's a little silly that a developer is never allowed to change their stance on something when new information comes to light. I'm not sure he expected the amount of support people wanted to provide, and amount of resources it would take to run the game. I'm all for allowing marketplace stuff to be allowed and I don't even intend to purchase any. I have to tell people they can support LO by buying joker tickets on APB if they really just want to donate, but that's not fair for people who want to get a little bit back too. I'm hoping anything you can purchase is only a cosmetic item though, like if you buy a flame cycle, it's just a skin you can apply to a motorcycle, and don't allow people to sell market items for chips either. In regards to server wiping, here's how it will go. If it doesn't wipe: -New players will come in, see that everybody is already maxed and there's no way for them to catch up. OR: these players will be given tons of free shit, thus ruining the progression, and making the game too easy. Many of them will not stay. -Old players will "be happy" that they don't have to restart, play for a week, then quit because there's nothing for them to do until the next content update in 6 months, if they ever return. -Stalwart fans of FE will play no matter what happens. If it does wipe: -New players will come in, be able to level alongside all the new players, and only be given sparse extras which won't completely ruin their experience. They can sell crafting materials for high values because everybody is crafting, or craft items to sell for high values, thus allowing any playstyle to flourish. They can find groups of similar level players easily. -Old players will "not be happy" but realize it's either this or not play at all, and most of them will play anyways, using their previous knowledge to get to the point they were at anyways, with plenty of stuff still to attain. By the time they are at their old best, new content will be available for them to experience. -Stalwart fans of FE will play no matter what happens. From my viewpoint, wiping the server is the best situation for everybody. Additionally, marketplace items you've bought before, ehh, that's a tossup. It might be quite awful if you don't get those items again, but LO might want to go a different route with monetization, and it wouldn't be fair for newer players to not have those items available. Plus, that was G1 who sold you those items, and you used them for a long time, then the server shut down and none of us expected it to come back. You already grieved those items. I personally am okay if I don't get my flame cycle back, I'm okay if I don't get my character back, and I'm okay if my Classic progress is wiped too, because I believe it's best for the server.
  9. Just going to state my 2 cents that I'm a "butter" or "gold plated silver" tier player. That is, I would wipe the floor when I was silver, but as soon as I got to gold and forced into the silver server, there were only tryhard golds there and I would lose every single mission. I'm willing to admit that I'm not as good at the game as them, but I also don't believe it's very fun to constantly be put up against too easy or too difficult players. Ironically, the only people who provided a fair match were de-threaters and guess what? I de-threated too. It was the only way to reliably have fun with the game. Yeah I had a couple easy games against new players but I went easy on them to let them have fun. Atleast I would also get silver level de-threaters around my skill level about half the time, but in the silver server it was only those platinum level players who wouldn't miss a single shot and then go as far as shit-talking as if they weren't a fat sweaty nerd slapping their keyboard. Point is. Something has to change. If this doesn't work then LO will try something else, but atleast they're trying something.
  10. I've had a pretty similar experience with this in the past with another project I was helping with. Bambola covers it pretty well, but there's another situation where the updates discussed are things that cannot be understood, or appreciated by the community, such as things that can't immediately be seen or felt ingame. One example I remember from a Mabinogi pserver I worked on, we had a fix to an issue that caused server-wide lag when summoning pets due to a recursive function. However, you could still get personal lag when summoning pets as a result of the login server having to communicate with you. People insisted that pet lag wasn't fixed. As for an example posted above: "We found a new way to render a sphere". This isn't something worth sharing. I know it's just a random thing the person said but it's an example of one of many things they could be doing that just isn't worth mentioning due to several reasons. To build upon one of the things Bambola said in regards to slow updates, people may also not understand how difficult a task might be. In Fallen Earth there's an issue with PVP area NPCs not spawning for several days. From my viewpoint it's as simple as just spawning the NPCs, but if it was that simple, then it would be done by now. We don't know how messy or complicated the code is, how complicated the models are (there was a mention of hair in APB being absurdly complicated) and how poor of a state G1 left it before it was transferred over. Finally I just want to point out that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Little Orbit has paid a hefty sum of money to gain the ability to work on these IPs. They are putting time and effort into it that we cannot comprehend. Fallen Earth was re-launched for free with no possible way of purchasing anything. They are clearly working towards converting these games into better versions of their former selves, and APB is already better than it was when G1 hosted it. They are free. You are not required to purchase anything. You are not a customer. You are not waiting for your product. If you give positive feedback and encourage them to do their best, it will be done faster and with better quality. If you harass and berate them, I wouldn't even be surprised if they sold it to the next company who then runs it into the ground.
  11. Eh? I said the players would get bored of it in 10 minutes and that the event reward would be superfluous garbage. People gotta read things twice before responding.
  12. Exact same time as APB's scheduled one. Seems likely.
  13. From my experience in Rimworld, CPU can be a result of too many things processing too many commands at once. I suppose corpses would be more of a RAM issue, but it would certainly alleviate SOME stress if the NPCs weren't constantly being commanded to find every enemy within a certain radius and kill them. I suppose you're right though. While the servers may not be as powerful, the 64 bit recompile should compensate quite well for it.
  14. It will if the new server isn't powerful enough to handle it. I guarantee this server isn't as powerful as the previous one.
  15. It's easy enough to be a PVE crafter but if you want to get into PVP it's best to make a new character.
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