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  1. There are people who have de-threated to bronze and even green. I just want to be in the bronze server with middle-higher tier silvers where I belong; not in silver server getting constantly stomped by the same 4 people on VOIP coordinating their builds. Before you even ask; none of my friends want to play this game. As for the bronzes who are stomped because they're new; everybody gets stomped when they're new to a game. You have no experience or gear and that's something the devs should be looking into, and I think the easier rental of legendary weapons should make it a lot easier for more dedicated newbies to have more fun and have a step up against the competition. I've lost to new bronzes with better aim. Just because I have a lot of hours in a game doesn't mean I'm good or anything. When I mentioned de-threating, I meant just until the point I hit silver and then I stop, and I always feel bad to do it on a mission with other people. I usually wait for people to abandon, which happens a lot, and plus, you can only suicide a few times before you get kicked, so you always run the risk of an accidental suicide during the rest of the mission and losing your dethreat progress anyways. I really think for things to change, there needs to be a fundamental re-tooling of how the game works. It's just far too easy for experienced players to coordinate and use cheesy areas/tactics, knowing full well the exact spawn points and mission points for everything. I just don't care enough to be that good at the game. I just want to have a bit of fun. Besides all that, I had to get to 195 to put mobile radar tower into my vehicle and complete my remote detonator build (brick, explo 3, tower, ram 3) so I'm pretty pissed. It's not difficult to remember a vehicle. I've been victim to it too, I just remember the vehicle and it doesn't happen again. Now I have to re-tool my build. Having a bit of fun was one of the few ways I was able to play a little harder and now I just have to shooty shooty meta car spawner crap again.
  2. This was a good while ago. I haven't played in roughly 3-5 years. If they don't want people to do this, then they should remove the penalty from suicide. Problem solved. You'll still lose threat from being a dingus. Won't stop me from just running towards the enemy and dying.
  3. I'm not gold, I'm butter. I melt in the heat. I dethreat to have fun. If game isn't fun I don't play. I found a way to make it fun. It's a fundamental problem with the game that I hope the new devs can fix somehow.
  4. I'd like to believe the threat system is a bit more varied than the 3 visual threats but it just doesn't seem like it when I barely touch gold and I'm fighting people who whip my butt repeatedly back into silver, upon which time I go back to bronze server. I still think it's just representative of the low player base and I'm hoping the new devs can breathe new life and interest into the game where this sort of stuff doesn't happen. Playing on the silver server isn't fun. I don't need to win every match but I'd definitely like to win more than every 10th match. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is that remote detonator and brick is one of the few ways I could get rid of a strong enough blockade, but now I have to switch to my EOL Deep Impact and wait like 40 seconds to get enough nades to make it worth the swap. It's also one of the few ways I had fun in the game honestly. I just hope there's enough changes to the way the game is played so that there's more than just the 2 current effective strategies.
  5. When it comes to dethreating, I dethreat because when I go to silver district, all I fight is gold players with 2000+ hours in the game whom I can't even shoot once. The game has always had an issue with low population and that's why dethreating is a thing. I don't really like stomping bronzes either, but at least you get more games with equal skill-tier silvers. 3 threats is not enough, in my opinion. I think 5-8 would be more applicable. (green doesn't count)
  6. Problem I have with ALIG is when it's hitting your car it sounds like somebody is plinking pennies off the roof, and then after 4 shots you explode. I wouldn't even be so mad if it actually had a comparable impact sound to the amount of damage your car was taking.
  7. Hello. I'm one of those dumb a-holes who repeatedly spawns and detonates my car near a spawner. Typically this is only worth one kill before I die, usually to my own vehicle. In my opinion, the cooldown is unnecessary, but it really only stops me from doing the above tactic. Then again, I usually run it with brick, and launch the car at whatever area I want to blow up. This was very fun but usually not very successful as the other team would catch on very quickly. Car spawners are not exactly plastered with cover as it's a place that an entire vehicle needs to exist at; and they remember my vehicle design, bait it, and dodge, then kill me. I personally think 90 is far too high. Maybe 45 would be a better timer. If anything. If it was a good tactic, then you would see more players doing it. Non-meta tactics don't need to be nerfed. You should really focus on the things that people abuse on the regular such as swapping from a low damage pistol (damage is not noticed) to a high damage sniper to "one shot" people without them being aware. That gets me more than any detonator ever has. The only reason people are mad at this tactic is because they got tricked into following me to my car. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Just remember what my vehicle looks like. Oh and just a quick addition, ALIG and mobile spawner are both ridiculously effective. Far more than remote detonator ever could be. RD is just a meme. ALIG and MS are S-tier meta.
  8. Well yeah, there's that; but I had an experience where I was trying to help a player, and gave advice that wasn't considered "in the meta" and I got flak for it. Some of the players are toxic, and there's not many in the control group. Either way, whenever I'm in a higher position in a community I try to make it welcoming for everybody.
  9. Looking forward to playing this game again, with the added ability to recommend it to my friends. The controls were too clunky, the quests too boring, and overall it was a poor experience for lots of people, with the more enthusiastic people being rather toxic. I'm hoping with all the hard work you guys are putting in, that this pretty awesome game can get the respect it deserves, because it was a pretty good game that just needed a lot of polish. Hopefully my GM application is approved for this and APB as well, as I intend to enforce a less toxic environment which will encourage people to stay as well.
  10. Thanks for the update. I was about to ask but didn't want to rush you guys. I heard you have a lot of people to train already.
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