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  1. Trust me that hitting the ready button at the same time is not a reliable way to party up then. Haha.
  2. Probably have to custom code some workaround to the terrible implementation that Reloaded Inc made.
  3. This guy has never tried to play Dark Souls with friends, without using the password system. Whew.
  4. I don't think there's any official statement but I believe they would probably port everything to a more modern engine to fix the general clunkiness of the game. Past that, the game has a very large amount of content already and it can last a very long time without anything new. Finally, considering how small LO is, and how long it's going to take for them to get APB to a good state, you may be looking at 5 years before they make any significant progress towards Fallen Earth, or even start it for that matter. Only time will tell. Long story short, probably nothing new, but plenty for now.
  5. Yeah it's some pretty enticing bait at this point. Let's give the players something they want, so they can complain because they don't actually know what they want.
  6. So wait, you come onto the forums for a game you hate just to stir up drama (troll). Then you say only trolls would say there's no hackers. Then you say there's hackers. What? Merged. Oh snap don't let them see the fallen earth news lol
  7. From G1. Besides, nobody forced you to.
  8. They dropped 1.5m euros so they could sell like maybe 50k a year if they're lucky? Do people even listen to themselves?
  9. If you guys are interested then just apply and throw caution to the wind. Worse case scenario is you tried and nothing bad happens. Wait for applications to open first though, of course. But maybe they're looking for more Fallen Earth GMs if you're just interested in helping out.
  10. If you use the instructions here, but replace every mention of APB with Fallen Earth, and they are currently looking for more GMs, they should get back to you after a while. It could take a few weeks though because they're always training new people.
  11. This just in, licensed, known developer for highly acclaimed officially licensed Kung Fu Panda and Adventure Time games, which both receives high reviews, purchases APB (and others) for £1.5 million to set up predatory marketing scheme to sell ingame items for the exact same price as before, plus making ingame acquisition easier, plus removing "gambling for kids" (joker boxes) plus hosting Fallen Earth for free with no microtransactions, with the final plan of making maybe $100k a year from it if they're lucky. Wow what a predatory scumbag name-flip company 0/10. I sure am glad I swallowed the red pill.
  12. Major props for hosting this event for the game even though you seemingly have little support (no rep or replies) I used to SGM for a pserver and I had trouble hiring event runners for the compensation of having free reign as a GM (as long as it doesn't negatively impact the game, such as giving items or spawning mobs in town) and it was still difficult to coordinate an event. If nobody else can appreciate this on a professional level, I just wanted you to know that I do.
  13. Heavily nitpicking this one thing that I keep seeing people say. Fallen Earth 2.0 will very likely never in a million years exist. That is not how version numbers work. The Icarus release is 1.0. The G1 release is 1.1. Little Orbit's finished release will be 1.2. We are currently at the end of G1's release so for an arbitrary number let's say it's v1.1.3450. Fallen Earth 2.0 would not have the same story, setting, or assets. It would likely have similar gameplay and stats/skills but that's where the similarities will end. The only game I can think of where they just directly took the assets and made a new game is Ocarina of Time -> Majora's Mask and even so that game had vastly different story and setting. Furthermore, for Little Orbit to buy a game which is dead, buried, exhumed, [redacted], buried, and exhumed again, just to not use any of the scripts, gameplay, assets, etcetera, is literally suicide for the company. Not the figurative "suicide" of buying these games to begin with, but actually a legitimate effort to brick their company. Yeah I'm ranting at some dumb bullshoot that doesn't matter but don't expect 2.0 when you're getting 1.2. (addendum to avoid merge) Cowhorseman asks why things take 8 hours to craft. Simple. Time is a valuable asset, and it guarantees that anything you craft requires an ingredient that nobody can farm faster than anybody else, no matter how much time you have to be at your PC. It ensures that item will be worth money.
  14. Oh look the anti cheat works. Guess everybody just sucks at this game.
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