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  1. Added 3 new songs : - Suwako's insane piano theme (2 parts) - Meiling's theme - and Shanghai Teahouse And also Night of Nights and Native Faith as death theme
  2. Summary: All controls are unbound by default, and i can't bind any key Game Version: idk, the current one during this beta Description: Everything is unbound, except very few controls like in the image. I tried copy/pasting the config files from Live to Beta, nothing changed. Also tried deleting the config files and repair game files through the launcher, still nothing. Steps to reproduce: just log in and open the Controls option page How many times have you recreated this bug: always Expected results: lemme me bind my key
  3. I've the same crash issue as the last open beta : my game CTD every time i try to log in And of course i sent every time a crash report, hope it'll be fixed for the next one
  4. Night of Nights intensifies
  5. I no longer have the 11004 error code, but now I have the "Contacting Login Server..." for a minute and then crash
  6. Same for me, currently it's just a login simulator (error code 11004) I hope we'll be able to play tonight
  7. Launch the beta. No one cares of the issues, it's what beta is for.
  8. Why are most of the instruments restricted to only 2 octaves maximum (above middle C) ? While piano can go up to 4 or 5... Is this a restriction made for whatever reason? I know the music studio is not your in your top priorities at all, but I'm sure this is just a tiny tweak.. and that will be very useful
  9. Chipsuu


    Can't wait to be part of the San Paro Cavalry Department
  10. Same, I've never understood why taxes are so high You lose so much money in big auctions...
  11. This should have been done years ago, but i doubt they will change this system, even such a small tweak, before the engine upgrade
  12. It's a recurring problem in TPS, and making a fps mode my god... nobody will use it But in APB it's easy to kill a corner camper : nades. Use grenades everytime you think there is someone, then rush. Or flank them, even if it takes time it'll be worth it.
  13. This seems to be a remix of Beethoven Virus : And Beethoven virus is based on the Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata 3rd Movement : And Septette for the Dead Princess is based on this Beethoven's piece too, like your song, thats why it sounds familiar But it's not a copy at all.. and i forbid you to say it's bad ahah
  14. Thanks for your support! just put you both "Lunatic Eyes" theme and song for 50k in social And im sorry but currently I don't take non-touhou related requests
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