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  1. MrsHappyPenguin

    Ban radar tower in fight club

    There are when the opp can't get to the radar because you keep spotting them with it.
  2. MrsHappyPenguin

    Ban radar tower in fight club

    I agree with this. I abused the crap out of radar when it came out. I found tons of places I can safely park a vehicle and have it be safe from opposition. It's basically a wall hack limited to high rank players. Joker tickets are not sustainable. Same goes for spotter and flair gun. I think the flair gun is the worst offender since it requires no tactical thinking, just spam it into a camp area and bam, there's all the enemy players.
  3. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    Their threat will never go down, they'll keep facing higher threat opp. This system will only benefit them, while still screwing over the players who want to play.
  4. MrsHappyPenguin

    [BUG] 145 fps causing floating/sliding movement

    The issue is still present. It does not happen all the time. You can use a custom config or Rivatuner to lock your framerate to 121fps. Any higher and this bug will happen randomly.
  5. It's mostly OCAs and PMGs. The only primary shotgun I see being used is the NFAS, which hasn't changed much.
  6. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    It means the mission doesn't count or you lose. Not counting doesn't affect threat, losing decreases threat. Either way, it's going to further screw up threat and matchmaking. Almost every match last night had players quitting. Those same players are just going to surrender, or go afk, which is a waste of time for the opposing team. I'm sticking my idea to delete player accounts who refuse to play missions they ready up for.
  7. It has significantly less pellet spread and more range than the other shotguns. The damage is lower, but the tight pellet spread makes it extremely consistent.
  8. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    The way the threat system currently works is it does not count missions you are disconnected from or score below a certain threshold (100 points?). Those missions players choose to leave would end up not counting. Their threat would get inflated overtime due to them playing only missions that are easy wins. If quitting counted against your threat, you could exploit that by dethreating.
  9. It can't just be coincidence that the legendary shotgun is better than all other shotguns in game.
  10. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    These players will not ask to surrender, they will intentionally waste the other teams time. They'll brag about how easy a win was while fighting new players, then they'll go afk the moment they get experienced opposition. I don't see new players and low threats going afk, it's always max rank, max threat, veteran players. You want to screw up matching making even more? Allowing players to choose which missions they play is a great way to do that.
  11. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    You should be charged in game cash and lose progression for doing so. Do it too many times and your account gets deleted. These people do more harm than good to keep the community active. They purposely throw missions when they get a new player on their team, and constantly spam support with false cheat reports. If name and shame was allowed I would have a 100 page thread of these players.
  12. MrsHappyPenguin

    Out of bounds area in Financial.

    This area above the church in the Financial district is out of bounds. The out of bounds area extends too far over the stairs. Here's an example of a player getting teleported back to spawn.
  13. MrsHappyPenguin

    When was the spam to lobby fixed? Oo

    My suggestion is to delete their accounts since they're just wasting server space, but I know LO would lose money since those types tend to be the whales of the community.
  14. MrsHappyPenguin

    Baylan not letting me join even though im over lvl 30

    You mean the district where all the dethreaters are?