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  1. Does anyone happen to have the Coywolf model extracted?
  2. MrsHappyPenguin

    Customize front clips on low teir vehicles

    Here's some examples of the front clip swapped. I can probably extract these and get a better render. These are examples that are currently in the game files. Han Veo Default: Han Veo + Balkan Clip: Han Veo + Mecchina Clip:
  3. But 30% of 3 is still less than 1, so all you do is increase reload time. What you really want is Bandolier 3, or if LO allows it, Double-Drum Mag
  4. Battleye doesn't care. You can also edit the XML files so the game doesn't even search for the instrument files. This will throw less errors in the log files.
  5. MrsHappyPenguin

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    That's what I meant. The CAP-40 always had a higher shot modifier cap, so I left that alone. It also means cooling jacket is better suited on the OCA, so they're not exactly the same in performance. Here's what the number should be adjusted to in order to match the current stats. Live: Fire Interval: 0.107 from 0.116 Accuracy 10M: 36cm from 37cm Recovery Per Second: 4.884 from 4.44 Test A: Fire Interval: 0.111 from 0.116 Test B: Fire Interval: 0.114 from 0.116 Edit: recalculated values.
  6. MrsHappyPenguin

    Customize front clips on low teir vehicles

    Looking through the game files, the front clips (bumper + hood + fenders) are interchangeable between all the low end vehicles. It would be cool if we could swap the front clips in game. This also includes the Coywolf front end, which should fit on the other vehicles without alignment issues. I'll update this post with renders. Macchina Calabria with Han Veo front clip. (wheels from Charge Cisco)
  7. MrsHappyPenguin

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    I just thought of something. If they're changing the OCA, they should also adjust the Obeya CAP40 so it's accuracy and ttk match the OCA like it was originally intended.
  8. MrsHappyPenguin

    Buff S1-FA 'Frenzy'

    I understand this, but when there's no accurate weapon stats in game it can confuse new players. Rounding down would be less misleading.
  9. MrsHappyPenguin

    OTW 8/17 Balance changes

    I cannot complain about these changes. The N-TEC Test A change might be a buff depending on the user, but increasing it's overall average ttk should help bring it in alignment with the other ARs in close combat, and indirectly buff SMGs.
  10. MrsHappyPenguin

    Buff S1-FA 'Frenzy'

    LO needs to do the same with the in game damage. 1 burst from an OBIR shows 50 damage for the assist, but the real damage is only 49.5.
  11. MrsHappyPenguin

    Radar Tower Balance Change - Show all players on radar within range.

    It was 50/50. Two matches the opposing team abused it, the next two I did and now it's permanently enabled. It's too good of a mod and really needs to be looked into. Removing the R195 restriction for low rank characters would be a good start, but it won't fix the balance issue. If it displayed all players within range, it would at least limit the areas players can safely use it, but than again it would still be too easy to drive by an area and safely highlight nearby players. There's also tons of spots where you could still place it and not compromise your own position. The only downside it has is you can't have mobile spawner, but it's not like you're going to die easily when the player is displayed on radar with realtime updates. Consumables are also a huge disadvantage for new players. They don't receive them because they're linked to random rewards. They should function like a normal character mod.
  12. MrsHappyPenguin

    Radar Tower Balance Change - Show all players on radar within range.

    You know what, REMOVE IT. It's 100% broken. Anything that gives a player a wall hack should be removed from the game. Same goes with the flare gun and firework launcher. At this point, I support low rank players downloading wall hacks because it's the only way they can fairly fight players with these overpowered R195 mods and weapons. I have multiple R195+ characters, so I'm well aware how to use them.
  13. The 9M made sense since you're gimping your CQC capability, now putting IR on a weapon is mostly a downside unless you only plan on using the weapon barely further than it's max damage range.
  14. Radar tower is current over powered. It allows the player to see other players on radar, basically a built in wallhack. This mod needs a real downside. My suggestion is to display all players on both teams radar when within range of the vehicle. This would mean enemy players cannot camp next to their tower unexposed, but still allow the mod to be used strategically.
  15. MrsHappyPenguin

    [BUG] 145 fps causing floating/sliding movement

    I joined an empty waterfront district and this bug shown it's face. I could reproduce it every single time I stopped moving.