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  1. If blood and muzzle flash didn't cause the game to freeze on slightly lower end hardware there wouldn't be a need to remove them.
  2. The mass amount of old users who can't login because the password reset system doesn't send out an email to reset their passwords. I have multiple friends now who can't sign in because of this. They stopped playing around the time G1 required everyone to reset their passwords. Since they didn't play at that time, they figured they could do it later. Well, now they can't...
  3. HOLY CRAP IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Seriously, the old forum search was so bad I stopped thinking to use it.
  4. Adding something like this to the current game would add too much overhead to the customization system. Current skins can be assigned using a single byte. A customized skin would require the 3 colors, an alpha layer, and each symbol to go along with them. It takes long enough as is to load players and vehicles when joining a district. Each time a user swaps their weapon your game will need to compile the skin. This would not be good for performance, and memory usage would spike. Users already get the dreaded "out of memory" error. Once 3.5 is near completion, and I don't mean initial release, then something like this could be considered. For now, it's best to stick with static skins.
  5. northwest has faster reload time and 4 less bullets per mag. Not much of a difference if you use it as a side arm and not a primary.
  6. Probably because file modifications are not allowed. The launcher would need to be modified to work with the new engine, but most of the features should still be available.
  7. MrsHappyPenguin

    Anyone having issues with hit reg?

    Normally I would blame high latency players, but the hitreg issues I've been experiencing occurs on players with low latency too. The HVR is unreliable atm since every so often it deals minimum damage without reason.
  8. Grenades and something else (can't remember) are still visible. Also the last time I used the launcher it couldn't be set to 0, but maybe that's been changed.
  9. The yukon has a recoil curve that increases the longer you shoot. the last 5 or so shots cause the weapon to recoil horizontally quite a bit. It's better to hip fire in 5 to 10 round bursts. Server performance is absolute trash atm. With 140ms ping things are not going to work right.
  10. MrsHappyPenguin

    System specs on profile page.

    A lot of gamers like to show off their PCs. It would be nice to have a section in our profile to do so. It would also make it easier to help users with technical issues. Here's a quick mockup of what I'm suggesting:
  11. MrsHappyPenguin

    2FA and new report system!

    Any update on users unable to reset their G1 passwords?
  12. It does not, it reduces them. You need to manually modify the configs, and even then some remain.
  13. There's been a few threads on it and plenty of complaints in various threads about IR not having a meaningful downside, and shotguns always have someone complaining.
  14. I doubt they're going to make any weapon changes for quite some time with how poorly the community responded with the IR and shotgun changes.
  15. I guess that PC would feel better than playing on the Xbox, but that's no where close to stable. I doubt you would get 60fps consistently, and that's excluding the garbage collection stutters.