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  1. The weapon balance changes were kind of out there and just seemed like change for the sake of change. Their initial actions like unbanning players, adding battleye, and looking into server performance were good step in the right direction. We finally got a trading system in place. Weapon test districts are on the live servers which makes testing changes way easier. Overall I'd say they're doing a decent job. Currently, I'm waiting for the engine upgrade. I don't expect to see much progress on it for at least 6 months, if not more. LO basically have to go over the whole project and fix whatever G1 broke. Seeing the few bugs popup from the current live patch shows just how bad G1 has the game configured.
  2. They could add an achievement called, "Really a big deal", since getting gold is, "Kind of a big deal." Or just call it "Gat Gud".
  3. I never used this weapon. I'm guessing it increases the starting recoil too much? It recovered most of it's recoil if you tap fire. It's not as effective as an N-TEC, but it's easily serviceable beyond 30M.
  4. MrsHappyPenguin


    You can use the OPGL out of a vehicle's window, plus it's not really designed to be an AV weapon.
  5. MrsHappyPenguin

    Heavy Barrel should reduce shotgun spread

    They originally made them a bit OP, but they only needed a slight damage nerf after the first patch. It's probably the 100M limit that makes it hard to balance these weapons. If you give shotguns too much range then SMGs need a buff, then ARs, then rifles, then snipers become useless or broken OP.
  6. MrsHappyPenguin

    Heavy Barrel should reduce shotgun spread

    NFAS is limited to 10M. It's 4 shots to kill with HB3, and deals less damage than the shreader without mods. The JG will still be trash because it will have more spread than the CSG, and it's bullet dropoff is still lower at 7M. The bullet dropoff on shotguns should be raised to 20M. They're useless as is. I know someone will say corner corner pop, I can do that more reliably with an SMG, AR, heck even an OBIR.
  7. MrsHappyPenguin

    The Server Threat problem.

    They need to stop treating non golds like special snowflakes. Slap everyone together and match based on player count instead of threat. Allow players to progress via fightclub, that way they don't have to struggle through missions just to get a shirt unlocked.
  8. MrsHappyPenguin

    Let's sponsor a popular Youtuber

    Any PR moves at this point, other than basic progress updates, would be a bad idea.
  9. MrsHappyPenguin

    Let's sponsor a popular Youtuber

    He wasn't exactly a decent person to promote anyway. his aim was pretty bad despite his gaming history, and all he really did was complain instead of giving constructive criticism. It was a slap in the face for the community that he got a private GM escorting him around, because it's impossible to get a mod in game that doesn't cause havoc otherwise.
  10. MrsHappyPenguin


    It deals 1227 damage per rocket, and fires 2 rockets. Most mission vehicles have near or less health, meaning one rocket is enough to disable or destroy them. Having two rockets means there's no escaping. Now, I don't think it's OP overall, it's just better at destroying vehicles than the OSMAW and other anti-vehicle weapons. The biggest issue with all anti-vehicle weapons is you can car surf with them, acting as a mobile anti-vehicle turret. If you could not car surf with anti-vehicle weapons, the Volcano wouldn't be as versatile with the slow movement speed and windup.
  11. MrsHappyPenguin

    Increase size of OPGL grenades

    It's 4 rounds default, 5 rounds with EM3 but with a 5.76s reload time. It's effectiveness is limited to certain areas, and only if the players don't take notice it's equipped, unlike with ARs and rifles which work in most locations. There's also too many locations that the grenades pass through the ground instead of exploding.
  12. MrsHappyPenguin

    Bring Back ReferaFriend Program

    It should unlock the rewards for both parties. It would still get exploited, but at least those few friends who did try won't get screwed over.
  13. MrsHappyPenguin

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    I can't speak for the other person, but for me 100ms is about the limit where it becomes unplayable, I'm also used to playing on local Counter Strike and Rainbow Six servers, less than 20ms, and before that mostly split screen console games, so my perspective is probably skewed.
  14. MrsHappyPenguin

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    The most noticeable thing in this game is driving delay. Vehicles are controlled server sided, so when you accelerate or turn there will be a about a 300ms delay before you see it happen. This can take time to adjust to. Combat will be delayed. Your hits will take longer to register, and you will get hit while behind cover because the other player didn't see you move yet. This also affects players you shoot at. They will get behind cover, but on your screen you will still have line of sight and be able to hit them.
  15. MrsHappyPenguin

    Locked weapon modifcations.

    ACES Rilfe with IR3 would be dope. Zero bloom and the same ttk as an OCSAR.