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  1. I make a lot of money duping symbols I made and selling them on mp. 300k avg a day and up to 700k on a good day. You should try it
  2. idk if this is a troll but please make more vids I really enjoyed it
  3. For the bug where you could go to the top of buildings, maybe it was in the game before G1 but it was cool seeing san paro from a diff pov
  4. Relogged because MP wasn't loading, error code 9 too
  5. Maybe not manual FF ban? lmao. Nah, I can also think of someone who got banned by FF who I 100% can't believe cheated and he didn't get to keep his monies either but you never know someone and people will lie until they die so who knows.
  6. What you and I are talking about are completely different because 2013 is pre-FF (iirc) and FF banned players weren't given any type of plea offer afaik. Unless someone can come out and say they got banned pre-FF and got to keep all their stuff, I'm going to stay sure it's for manual bans played off as FF bans for cheating.
  7. If you got a horse powertrip manual ban done under FF you get to keep your monies.
  8. Everyone who reads these forums regularly doesn't need a warning and everyone who's going to post this same thread in the very near future doesn't regularly read these forums.
  9. Do you know how much this display token usually goes for or what is an reasonable bid?
  10. Selling your item first Trusting people on the internet Calling your poor decision a scam
  11. How far back has the lag actually been like this? I think I took a break around 2 years ago and only back recently, I assumed it was a recent fuck you to LO, no?
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