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  1. Teardrops69

    Option to pause premium

    Dirty Bomb currently has that in place for their boosters and its def more worth the money. Dirty Bomb recently switched all their boosters to count down like APB premium. As a side note, they were never worth buying as you could easily chain them for free from level up crates. Anyway we wouldn't be questioning how premium works if they just had the server shit together and hopefully it's fixed soon. The 3/30 days the game has been playable were quite nice.
  2. I would like more players in both fight club maps. But even more, I would like if players were sprinkle spawned around the map a bit more, instead of 5/6 spawns blocked so packs of players are coming from the same area and no colliding with 5 players to get out of the same area. Also no VIP in fc
  3. Teardrops69

    Apb custom crosshair argument

    If I have a static dot I get 0 bloom every gun!
  4. Really enjoying everyone being hopeful again and making good suggestions. Have wanted this forever
  5. Imagine all the new players who get put into an empty district and play unopped missions until they decide the game is boring
  6. I never believed that /report did anything but I genuinely hope they add something else soon so you guys can have your /feelbetter back.
  7. I'm pretty sure of this too but people who quit around that time still argue with me about it lol. The reason I'm quite sure of it was because they stopped the reduced rewards in fc and I'm pretty sure it extended for every other district. The notification people mention just says it might take longer to get matched, old players just glaze over it and assume it's saying reduced rewards. When there was hard seg, there was always a warning about the reduced rewards too. Edit: Also I noticed I don't get the same amount of money shown on the scoreboard when the game ends, but I think the small portion that is missing is what is auto-added for kills/assists/objs during the game.
  8. Teardrops69


    can we help you
  9. Is there any way hackusations could be explained better to naive players so that they understand getting hackusated won't result in a ban?
  10. Teardrops69


    wow guys doesn't hurt to ask
  11. Teardrops69

    Unbanning Scammers?

    They said many times that all the unbans wasn't about giving a second chance to cheaters, it was about unbanning mostly everyone because of many unfair/unjustified bans which has nothing to do with people banned in scamming.
  12. All Shoe does is squirm around in that chair with fake enthusiasm and reword 95% of the same information from last fortnights video. Do you genuinely enjoy that?
  13. You know, I don't quite understand the fuss with apb matchmaking. I thought the old threat system looked interesting and a threat above gold would be a nice addition, otherwise it's okay. We have golds, who are either competent players or smart enough to get carried by competent players. Silvers/bronzes who are either super casual or have bad pc's/internet. And for the most part these two groups are separated between silver district and bronze district. Enlighten me why it needs to be complicated?
  14. Teardrops69

    Game is disconnecting me

    Glad someone brought up the AFK thing, I thought I was imagining it. It's happening to me actively doing a variety of different things, making symbols, using chat and browsing the MP.
  15. Teardrops69

    Game is disconnecting me

    Good to know. Are you playing on Citadel or Jericho? On Jericho my friends bounce between online/offline around the same time it's happening to me.