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  1. Its "niche" is pretty much 80% of the time right now. The other 20% goes to shotguns and pmg.
  2. I highly doubt they woudl have kept the prices so high if nobody was buying anything. Lets not fool ourselves. Every company thinks how to make money first and everything else comes after.
  3. if it is even possible to make it run better on the new engine to begin with.
  4. My point is that is less of a necessity nowadays considering as you said you can just cheese your way. I don't even remember the last time I needed to use a sniper for example. Sure, I can pick one for the sake of practicing but there is no real urge to be like "oh this situation requires sniper so i need to switch to one".
  5. Why woudl anyone do that in an ntec meta? Once upon a time there was indeed a need to switch but right now, it doesn't seems so.
  6. I am guessing people are just buying the event items.
  7. Yeah but what significant thing do you think they could have actually add? New district? Highly unlikely. We already know they can add contacts, mods and stuff even new modes. But even with the things that they can add, most of the stuff is still recycled events and I was even still here when they added the last new car 4 years ago. So really, is it really worthy it the wait?
  8. Do we even playing the same game? The gunplay is very stiff and clunky compared to any other game. You are not even allowed to jump if you want to hit anything.
  9. Make it 6. I am starting to wonder if the engine update was even so necessary. For all this time they could have been adding new stuff. Even if it was harder to implement it woudl probably have taken less time.
  10. I haven't tried everything but I would say that the shotguns and pmg are pretty forgiving at close range and atac is very easy to use since it doesn't lose accuracy.
  11. Why is everyone forgetting the cat ears? With all the seriousness, there really aren't that many games with this kind of customization even if it is just stickers.
  12. That is pretty common thing for many games. They stick because they have years of experience so they are going to be better than most people. Because the game has very steep learning curve and it doesn't helps that they will be matched with mostly veterans either. It is easier just to jump on another game than trying to learn a game that others are playing for years and you can't really learn much by being dead all the time.
  13. I have my eye on it since it first came but is it actually worth it? Also is it better or worse than the regular amg version?
  14. I only brought that up because some people says it is not unique because gta exists. But even if they were too similar, there are still not that many alternatives which makes it still a pretty unique game.
  15. Even just a hour or 2 will be enough. They all runs out just by waiting for mission.
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