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  1. The game doesn't even start for me. I can't believe I waited more than 6 years for a dead game and it won't even run. Description: The game closes without errors slightly, after the BE window disappears. Game Version: Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game. 2. Open task manager 3. Wait for the BE window to appear 4. See if the game exe will disappear from the task manager slightly after How many times have you recreated this bug: 10/10 Result: The game closes without errors, slightly after the BE window disappears. Expected results: This shouldn't be happening.
  2. The most important thing that may never come out before there is no one left on the server.
  3. You can change them but you will be the only one who will be able to hear those changes. Everyone else will hear them in the way they are in their own game folder.
  4. That is why it isn't going to happen. if you have bought a theme it may sounds very different. You can find the sounds in the game folder. They aren't even encrypted. The pattern is usually just taken from midis and recreated. You still have to choose which sounds to use to make it sound close enough.
  5. The sounds themselves are already better quality than mp3 The limitation comes from the number of sounds and channels that you can use when creating a theme and ofc skill to make it sound good. There is also no sound manipulation either other than volume slider.
  6. It may help for NA but not for EU. The server cap is 40/40 so it is not going to make matchmaking any faster. It will only make the match quality worse.
  7. They are already with 512kbps bitrate and above. That is already better quality than most mp3 that you are listening to.
  8. They can be replaced but it won't happen because that will break all themes that people already made. Why keep making me repeat myself?
  9. If you do that, it is only client sided so no one else but you will be able to hear them changed, so who cares?
  10. Maybe read it more carefully. I didn't say there will be no new sounds. I said the old ones won't be replaced.
  11. No but it is called common sense. Something that certain forum users don't have.
  12. I can partially understand what the Russians are saying so it really goes down to where you are coming from. At the end of the day, the chat is mostly used for toxicity regardless of language so you probably don't want to read it anyway. On the plus side, Russian text is easier to distinguish so you can easily skip it when see it in chat.
  13. Well, better get used to that because they aren't getting anywhere anytime soon. Maybe they can add more stuff but changing the existing ones will just break every theme ever created.
  14. If you see more Russian speech than English that means they are just the dominating part of the community if there are always others who respond to that talk. It is not really a problem for them since they are pretty much like at home. Giving the game more mainstream appeal is the only way to make English the more preferred language.
  15. Source? I only know about the advanced launcher being allowed.
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