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  1. More games needs to have guys like him. I really appreciate his dedication here.
  2. As far as I can see, most of the population is gold anyway (at least that is what I am always getting matched against) so I don't see the problem here. If anyone is going to experience lack of players it will be the lower tiers. The current threat system also needs a rework since the difference between high and low tier gold is huge and it makes no sense to be in the same tier. It is just too general.
  3. I have been there. Just saying having such a big skill gap between the ranks is not healthy for anyone. Even within the gold rank the skill gap is too big. You may get golds that are too easy to kill or impossible to hit.
  4. Only if you are fighting another premade team of the same size. Otherwise it is easy mode.
  5. So you are saying you don't have to be good to be gold but just to have friends who can carry you. Got it.
  6. I don't remember this line being there the first time. Was it added after?
  7. Now that you have mentioned it, I had it at few times. Also it is just me of the server performance was better on the NA server? Trying to stay behind a corner but getting exposed instead seems to happen pretty often now.
  8. Probably everyone is feeling the same about certain item of a pack but the whole point of the packs is to make people spend more. A least it is not loot boxes.
  9. Good. I wasn't the only one irritated by that.
  10. I still believe the image taken from the editor while editing will be better quality than if spayed somewhere.
  11. Ok, but you still can edit the image after it is saved. This means the game saves both: the objects position and the flatten image separately.
  12. Yeah but it is basically a tradeable ntec while most other legendaries aren't really that good.
  13. Isn't it? Especially when ntec seems to be ruling the world now. Also i remember ppl complaining about it even when it first came out and seems like not much has changed since then.
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