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  1. I stopped spending money on this game once LO took over, empty promises...definitely bit off way more than they could chew.
  2. If I had to take a wild guess it would be for the giveaways...you know the point of this thread.
  3. Anyone have a full list of the rewards for roles 1-10?
  4. I can really only speak for myself but I'd be much more inclined to purchase premium if I knew I could pause it at least once or twice a 30 day cycle. As it is now I would rather just not buy premium period as a lot get wastes due server instability, ddos attacks, and just outright nobody online at times. Also there are things like vacations and holidays etc, I'm not asking for the option to pause whenever you want, maybe once or twice per 30 day cycle. Not sure about you but I would rather have a customer that bought premium once every couple months or so than one that doesn't purchase it at all.
  5. Will we ever get the option to pause our premium? I'd totally buy premium again if that were possible. Maybe adding cooldowns to the amount of times you can pause it to prevent people pausing every single time they log off.
  6. Owning a lot of Legendary weapons will save on leases, having premium helps of course and just playing a lot overall and your money will stack up.
  7. Is it really so hard to take 2 minutes out of a whole year to login and logout to refresh your account?
  8. You seriously underestimate the time it takes for gaming companies to actually get work done, this isn't a 500 person studio were talking here. At least give them a couple months before you make these claims.
  9. Implement the system GGG uses for Path of Exile, if you log into any of your characters at least once a year all your characters are safe. If you fail to login at least once a year your names are freed up and you will be prompted to rename your character the next time you login. Seriously anyone that can't be bothered to login once a year obviously doesn't care about their names.
  10. Deku


    They did the same thing to MU online back in the day, they completely ruined the classic servers with cash shop items that GamersFirst/RP/K2 Network shoehorned into the game. Made me very hesitant with ever supporting APB:R, I eventually did because it was a good game for a period of time.
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