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  1. Spawns are soo long so this will make your experience against LTL player a lil bit less frustrating. Good suggestion
  2. Hello I'd like to change my ingame name as but when i add as friend the name i want (just to check if it's available or not) on Citadel it says the character doesn't exist but when i try to create a new character and name with said name it said it's already used. This is kinda frustrating honestly so i want to ask at LO Staff if they are thinking of a name purge in the future because also having lots of names unused could restrict also in new players joining while unable to find their name. Thank you.
  3. Unpopular opinion but playing games like Overwatch with some heroes like McCree or Soldier that have little RNG made me dislike weapons too much RNG... I'd like to get increase of accuracy and less bloom on all the weapons. Feels unrewarding use weapons like N-TEC that sometimes miss shots because the gun is way too inaccurate and RNG. I'm ready for the dislikes
  4. Make an option to choose between Toggle or Hold crouch and sprint This one is pretty easy to make since there are already the settings in Engine/BaseInput.ini if i recall correctly but since they are going to use BattlEye and editing configs may trigger the anti-cheat i'm going to stop using the edited CFG for toggle sprint and hold crouch. Thank you so much LO if you are going to make this change.
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