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  1. Thx for the hard work, hope this is gonna bring the game to a prosperous future
  2. Irvine Eilidh Irvine is known to the public as a gifted designer and a celebrity. She represents Havalynd money - an experiment of utilising entertainment and artistic gentrification as alternatives to violent repression on the neighbourhoods of San Paro. The city establishment needed an appealing and cheerful face sent down to pacify the anger of citizens after years of protracted urban warfare... Read more: Full body:
  3. I see. What I meant by common sense is actually an awareness of taking into account of the feeling of other players, as it is very likely that someone will get offended by the Swastika. You could definitely recreate any Nazi transports, but perhaps APB is not the best place to do it. While I don't know much about Youtube policies, I believe that whoever runs this online multiplayer has a responsibility of monitoring the potential spread of hate. It is universally understood that the Swastika has strong connotation of the Nazi atrocities so this shouldn't be too difficult for any player to comprehend. I joined the game in around 2012 and the ban of Swastika has always been consistent as far as I can recall. So to me persoanlly, banning of the Swastika in APB is indisputable and should remain as it is.
  4. Such a list could be endless. Just relate to common sense whenever you think you’re ‘touching the line’.
  5. LO won’t have that kind of resources to be poured into venturing a new map. I mean if 2.1 manages to bring in lots of ppl and revive the game, there might be a chance.
  6. This may be the pinnacle of APB clothes design... really good job mate. This is exceptional.
  7. Very interesting experiment indeed. Would love to see the return of the original login screen, not to say the current one is any worse but the old one’s got some special magic in it... perhaps its nostalgia. Thanks for sharing anyway!
  8. Man you’re really talented, maybe you’d consider a career as an urban planner or an architect? You’ve definitely got what it takes!
  9. How long did it take for you to create the fake depths of feminine features? The work apron is also quite well done I must say.
  10. CSG, best sounding and looking gun for me. Always loved the shotguns, it sounds even better when you managed to land all the pellets onto you enemies. I wouldn’t go as far as to say STAR-556 has the worst firing sound ‘cause I haven’t tried all the guns in the game, but I’d like to believe that the gun sounds quite weird compared to other guns, esp. rifles.
  11. With the tools and tutorials provided in this thread I've finally ported my in-game characters to blender! Being able to pose the models with proper studio lighting makes this otherwise pesky procedure incredibly rewarding. Thank you.
  12. Damn, time flies! I hope for a thriving future for the game and the community.
  13. Server: Jericho Character: SennaKyo Inspired by Harley Quinn's costume in Suicide Squad
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