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  1. SirBlackazz

    car physics thread

    Change absolutely NOTHING about car physics!!! they are perfect.
  2. I like how they skipped the MODS response and went right back to the convo like BrightNightLite did not just answer the initial question...
  3. SirBlackazz

    Unbanned cheaters

    if they reroll and hack then ban but if they play legit then that is fine with me. battle eye is fairly quick with the banning of hackers.
  4. SirBlackazz

    Unbanned cheaters

    no need for the toxic comment to op just state your opinion and move along good sir.
  5. SirBlackazz

    Good Gaming PCs Under $1,000 USD?

    that would normally be true but not right now because crypto miners..... they should die in a fire.
  6. SirBlackazz

    Unbanned cheaters

    so one of three things will happen when battle eye is activated... 1:The current hackers will keep hacking and get insta banned by battle eye. 2:The current hackers will stop hacking get rolled by better players and just quit. 3:The current hackers will will play legit and just enjoy the game with the rest of us. any of those are a win for me so i am willing to wait for LO to get this right so the games community can be built back up. Remember LO just got this dumpster fire of a game and it will take time to fix everything that G1 broke.
  7. SirBlackazz


    ah i see, this makes sense.
  8. SirBlackazz


    orrrr that fact that she snapped right to me with a rocket launcher....... watch that again you can see her aiming in the opp direction of me then a quick snap when my hitbox is visible.
  9. SirBlackazz


  10. SirBlackazz


    I say let battle eye sort this mess out once they turn it on.
  11. SirBlackazz

    Real Solution for Nudity

    True.. I dont think furries should be jailed tho they are too funny lol
  12. SirBlackazz

    Some memories to celebrate

    Loved driving up to opp hopping out my car, blowing up everything around me and somehow walk away xD
  13. SirBlackazz

    Turn it off

    Why in the world would they do that?