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Found 4 results

  1. Issue 13. New engine vs Live side by side... Issue 12. New engine tested... Issue 11. New engine beta test coming... Issue 10. Joker box changes and a screenshot competition... Issue 9. Engine pics and Joker store changes... Issue 8. Riot mode with extra sound effects... Issue 7. Riot beta testing... Issue 6. Mainly about the RIOT update with some console and engine news and 'Carball'... Issue 5. Mainly about the mysterious Redhill billboards. Also the 'Matt Scott Off'. Issue 4 of APB Torque. Watch someone smash our Vaquero in a race... on FOOT! Issue 3 of APB Torque. News as well as a dump truck battleship and a snubnose battle royale: Issue 2 of APB News, now re-branded as 'APB Torque'. Some news and a challenge, can a dump truck beat a Vegas in a drag race? Enjoy Original post for Issue 1: Literally. In video form. I imagine it might get moved to creations or something but we can still talk about stuff in it in the meantime Hoping to do one of these every 2 weeks. If you want to submit any clips or news please do.
  2. so it looks like orbit is implementing easy anti cheat and discontinuing battleye at some point in the (hopefully near) future [images taken from the unofficial APB Reloaded Community discord] [image courtesy of @Ketog] discuss i guess
  3. Erm... seriously where did everyone go? Nearly a month since a blog post was posted and no news on another open beta. And here I am waiting to report something, I'm forced to resort to speculative articles. So what's going down at the ol' Lil' Orbit? I'll just leave this here since they don't get shared anymore :
  4. As the new engine update is coming soon it is expected to have a rise in player base / popularity of the game. My suggestion would be adding more selections in music and symbol customization and do some rework. Symbol: New basic symbols with different curves. More symbols especially for hair are needed. Also increase the amount of symbols for premium accounts. I understand that APB has a function of "complexity' and it cannot have infinite amount of symbols placed in one picture but this can be achieved by installing some new features which could merge dozens of symbols into one. By that I mean increasing maximum amount of symbols and automatically utilizing the whole work after finishing to fit into the frames of so called 'complexity'. Music: increase all kill-themes duration to 10 seconds. Most themes are based on real songs and in order to fit a piece into 5 seconds duration people have to either increase the tempo or cut out some parts. There could be really good works after this is implemented. Also add some more sound kits to music studio or make their customization more complex. In summary I'd like to suggest to increase the complexity and utilization of music studio and image creating along with adding more features and stuff.
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