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Found 5 results

  1. I really like christmas and so I want to share my suggestion about a christmas tree. Whats about placing a christmas tree in social district? At december 1st the christmas tree could look like this: Everyday there get new things added to the christmas tree until it look like: December the 25th gifts get added: And you will also get a option to interact with the tree/gifts to take a little reward. If you about to recive your reward it could just play a cute christmas sound and the animations of valentine box unboxing: Rewards could be a achievement, title, joker tickets. Or just a christmas releated clothing part. < Example of the location This small "event" could be added every year and has nothing to do with the main event. It just follow us through christmas. Ofc there are so much more possibilities as example interaction with that tree everyday as daily login reward. Or everyone get a local christmas tree he can build up their self. But my main idea was to keep that whole suggestion small and not too complex but still intressting. I really would like to hear everyones opinion about that!
  2. It's Christmas time so we need a car based event with a lot of destruction! Holidays are coming! What: WitchQueen's Christmas Destruction Derby & Design Competition Where: Gold Financial CITADEL on the incomplete highway When: Sunday December 23rd 9PM GMT How to Enter: Design a Derby themed Calabria and post it here. When you post tell me which Xmas Jumper design you want (Penguin, Rudolf, or Snowman - See Below) Prizes: 1st Place: Yukon + AAEPD Volcano JC Rocket Launcher* 2nd Place $500k APB Cash + Colby 1922 Hazardous* 3rd Place $200k APB Cash *BONUS IF YOU POST A PIC OF YOUR CAR HERE AND COMPETE IN THE DESTRUCTION DERBY CHRISTMAS JUMPER Design Competition: Win 1100G1c - Post your Calabrias here. The theme is 'Destruction Derby' so make it look like it's in a competitive derby and not just some random nice looking car. It DOESN'T have to be Christmas themed. I will pick my favourite 5 and then the winner will be voted on my stream on derby day. Only cars posted here can enter and the design competition will go ahead only if a minimum of ten cars are posted. ANYONE CAN ENTER THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T COMPETE. Raffle: For all fair competitors, helpers (security, camera people etc) & active viewers (that play apb) in the stream. Prizes TBC Betting: We will be taking (non-monetary) bets on winners in my stream (twitch.tv/witchqueen) to earn my stream currency which allows you to purchase various things. Rules: This is half Demolition Derby half Car Sumo. All cars will be together on the highway and winner is the car that stays alive and on the platform the longest. If your car blows up you are out. If your car falls off the highway you are out. If you get out of your car you are out. If anyone repairs your car you are out. Macchina Calabria 127's ONLY! NO MODS No Weapons obviously. Queue up on the highway ready to jump to the derby platform (we will have security). Once you are there line up like you will see in the pictures. Don't bash other people until the derby has begun and be patient. These things don't magically start right away. How Can You Help? Donations towards prizes are always welcome. On the day I will need 4 people to be security. If you are driving then I would greatly appreciate it if you could film your view so we use it to make a better video. Feel free to have a co-driver who can film if you'd rather not stress your system during the event. I would like all contestants to wear the Destruction Derby Christmas Jumper. You don't have to but you won't get the bonus prizes. Here are the female versions taken back in 2012: I'll send all participants a jumper once you enter. Here's a video of a previous one: Here's some pics from the last ones:
  3. Hello people! I would like to share another idea for christmas. Whats about having deployable snowmen? It could be a item that you can only use during christmas time. Either it could be a orange modification similar to the display banner: Or it could be a yellow modification similar to the shield: I am not sure if the snowman should get any special feature, so here are a few ideas from no feature till protection similar to the shield: Version 1: No Hitbox You can run through it You can shoot through it Version 2: Hitbox for players You can shoot through it, but also damage the snowman Version 3: Hitbox for player and bullets Similar to the shield but gets destroyed faster Maybe even something totally different? Example Pictures: The main idea behind that suggestion is to have a few more different christmas things instead of only players outfit and snowballs and HOHOPGL. It shouldn't be something totally game changing. If there are any question feel free to ask also I would like to hear your opinions!
  4. I think we should do overall place for gathering opinions here after Slay Bells test on EU OTW (NA also welcome, it's the same game after all). So here it is. Here's sample form I'm gonna use for my opinion, do whatever you want but it will looks fine in one form I guess: Major problems: Minor problems: Strong sides: Overall opinion: So here's we go. Here's my opinion: Major problems: X Minor problems: - Snowstorms entrapment: Late game, there is tendency that you land in middle of snowstorms from which you can't get out without death. Annoying. - Snowballs nades are better option than HohohOPGL: Surely superior in close quaters and less but still superior in range but still no need to reload and infinite number of snowballs might make players keep throwing they nade snowballs instead of using HohohOPGL in practice - Inbalanced team got it harder: While it won't be problem on full servers (all teams will have 4 members) - it surely will be problem later on when event servers start to get more empty (3 vs 4 people teams with no advantages for 3 people team whatsoever). At some low number of people game won't start although. - Very limited spectators: Lack of option for moving around for spectators (cars are disabled as well) means that spectators gonna be bored to death waiting for next match. Give them super speed or ghostly spawnable cars. Strong sides: - Overall fun survival event - Casual friendly - In spirit of olds Christmas events Overall opinion: Event seems to be fine by my standards. There is nothing major to break as far as I noticed. Minor problems might cause headache but are avoidable most of time.
  5. To my knowledge, LO has mentioned that we will get christmas sales. Does anyone remember when should we see them? Like a week before christmas or during them? Can't remember how G1 did it last year:)
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