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  1. As an enforcer, you can't defuse the bomb at the final stage. MAKE APB GREAT AGAIN Nice lag spikes going on tonight btw KEEP UP THE SOLID WORK LOL
  2. When you click the "Start Auction" it'll show the spinning animation and nothing will happen. I can't click cancel, the X or anything to cancel and retry. This doesn't happen very frequently, but when it does there's no way to cancel and I'm forced to close the game.
  3. @MattScott From what I can tell you've done nothing to solve this and it's become a major problem. There were 5 golds in the mission I just finished and that's how most missions tend to go now. I've been playing since the game was released on Steam and I'm ready to call it quits for good because I'm constantly disappointed with the lack of any real progress. The matchmaking and detreating are issues that need to be solved and "updates" like Riot mode don't do anything to solve it.
  4. ^ This. They wasted resources on developing Riot when the engine was far more important. Every time they release an "update" they cause more damage than anything. They aren't competent enough to build a 2nd version of the game that's better than the original. Taking that route would likely piss off most of the remaining players enough to jump ship for good.
  5. LOL @ anyone who thinks there are more than 2 genders Spoiler: there's not Facts don't care about your feelings
  6. Yea don't bother wasting your money on this game, I stopped doing that a while ago. The service they provide isn't worth paying for. They won't give users free premium when they mess up like this but G1 didn't have any issue doing that at all. They'd give everyone a few days or a week of free premium to make up for mistakes they made and they'd also give out all kinds of armas codes to take advantage of. That doesn't happen with LO because Matt wants more money for scarves
  7. Some people have been able to connect because the districts aren't completely empty, but it's definitely not working for me. Prioritizing Riot over game and server performance was an idiot move and they're likely going to put the final nail in the coffin at this rate.
  8. I've forced the game to close multiple times and every time I try to connect to a district the same thing happens. Every time your team touches the game you end up doing more damage, how the hell is that even possible?
  9. Oh look it's happening again after they took the servers down for maintenance. Nice job breaking the game even more.
  10. You can't even move around without warping, let alone drive or actually participate in a mission. The servers have never been this bad in all the years I've played. Getting this fixed is far more critical than wasting time on shit like Riot. "Putting Players First" LMFAO, right.
  11. They should be criticized and you certainly shouldn't be telling people not to do so either. They've had an entire year, and what have they actually done besides make things worse? Right now the servers aren't even playable because the latency is so high you can't even drive. At least G1 recognized and owned up to their mistakes and rewarded the players with free premium. They've prioritized things like rebuilding Armas, and this new shitty game mode Riot instead of the engine or server upgrades. They need to get their priorities straight before they do any more damage.
  12. Since you know WHY this is happening in mission districts, why don't you just go ahead and fix it instead of forcing everyone to deal with it longer than they need to? This was a mistake on your part and punishing your entire userbase seems pretty stupid. By the way, riot is shit and I'm disappointed.
  13. They've done this in the past and I personally hate it in mission districts. It'll certainly benefit players who haven't spent money on the game since they likely have a very limited weapon selection. I'm a bit less opposed to it in Fight Club, but I almost never go there anyway.
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