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  1. There are some good uses of 4:3 res in some games, like CS:GO, and CRT monitors can be better than LCD/LED, since they have no latency issues, the image quality can be as good or even better and they can have really high (i mean REALLY HIGH) refresh rates, speacially at lower resolutions. I do understand and agree that is ancient tecnology, and has no place nowdays, but still, this is a 2010 game, where 4:3 was accepted, and LO could add some form of customization for the HUD, since that seem to be the problem, with "more text". EDIT: More information, not "text".
  2. I think this might be from the same presentation as op
  3. It's just me or there is no High Heel Ankle Boots (Which seems to be the one that comes with the High Roller Pack) on the joker store at all?
  4. Wanting to play APB is fucking depressing.
  5. 1.How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? -It's totally different from any other mode found in currently found in APB, can kinda remind me of Chaos (very vaguely) 2.Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? -Definitely. 3.How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? -Battle Royale. 4.What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? -Respawn system, either rework it, so you need someone to revive you or remove it entirely. 5.What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? -Decent take on BR modes, still has the random part of them (for equipment), without the randomness of the map shrinking. 6.What about RIOT do you like the least? -Being able to spawn your vehicles, and your own loadout, that can be abused, apparently. Other than that, it needs obvious fixes for random things, like after you die and isn't able to change districts or even see and switch who you're following on death cam. And maybe remove or do something about the prompts to buy stuff, since there are buy zones scattered around the map, and they'll just randomly appear on your screen to magicaly spawn a gun or give you another life.
  6. I use a CRT aswell, mostly because I can't afford a decent 144hz monitor :^) I just hope 16:9 isn't enforced any time soon, like someone already pointed out, APB is ~pretty casual~, and stretched image isn't that helpful (apparently), since CSGO pro players, that were the ones that abused stretched res, actually use black bars nowdays (I'm generalazing, of course)
  7. On the e-mail she's called "A. Partidge", what.
  8. Check earlier posts, this has been posted already.
  9. I actually forgot a number on the "28E2" bit, it's supposed to be "287E2" I'm not sure how to edit posts. Edit: Yeah, right after I posted this, the option appeared.
  10. I guess that's the rest 81327 84318 87643 34521 42076 18600 60213 15568 27669 00613 22791 269C9 20999 62932 33904 24424 61305 69089 L120A 42187 A1987 90134 41802 B2226 93417 06200 97533 28240 40753 33066 35321 84726 86749 72715 0G461 41046 69571 94901 54940 60V87 05607 287E2 52751 94326 47280 60200 2v888 65861 23586 91226 09613 59281 39543 79706 10116 84942 06040 74771 66253 17535 30260 61Y21 55176 31844 69093 2W333 51404 10508
  11. ErikaVEVO posted about the distortion, it's a spectrogram (I guess?)
  12. I see, it usually works for me. Sometimes I get prompted to input my codes more than once in a 5 minute window aswell, which is really annoying.
  13. Put your code in and wait for it to change, then press enter. No joke, works everytime.
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