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  1. I personally used to play well, long before work with servers began. but if lagged, then I saw about where I was. Now I seem to be playing, but if she comes in, she comes in hard. stood on the roof in the end already somewhere below. I press reload and nothing happens. I'm waiting. what is happening at this time one god knows. I love the game, but I lose the desire to play it. despite premiums and so on, discounts. Thanks, of course, but the problem with the lags is much more serious and important than this. I know that work is going on. I hope very soon there will be no lags
  2. jokers is that currency which cannot be bought. I play for months to collect them for the weapon I need. where does the premium? before the new year I have to save them for the weapons I need. Now I’m unlikely to have time. just give the players what they won. I ask no more. the counter is not reset, the joker is not issued. how long should I keep the top?
  3. 400 weekly jokers were stripped. as I thought. it seems like a trifle, but for weeks I beat them for months. I wait and beat
  4. BOPOHa

    music requests

    APB music is divine dear Matt and LO. every time I listen and think that I heard everything, but again I find good music. very cool selection. I wonder who created it... without music APB at all raze. on a note. music and APB are inseparable. this atmosphere... love APB. Thanks. Russia
  5. BOPOHa

    high latency

    problems with the delay. where to turn to be heard? I'm tired of playing like that. what should I do? there was no such problem before
  6. in short ... you need to somehow double-check all players with an anti-cheat
  7. BOPOHa

    Problem game online

    fight club usually has a full one district. no one's going to the second district. no one wants to wait online. everyone is waiting for a free space in the full area. I think this is also a problem and we need to change the system. come up with something else. I also hate the long activation of weapons. let's say shooting with a sniper, a very long time to activate the gun after. it's infuriating. kill me. I've got my sights set, ready to fire, but I can't. I hate it. all very long in this game
  8. I get thrown out of the game when I change weapons. opening inventory. in fight club. and then scan the files. reinstalled the game, it helped, but not for long. creator. fix it already. How much can you write here??? Hate it. until this game starts... until you enter the password... very long. I don't have a weak computer. I don't want to watch those videos. remove all downloads. I'm not going to play it. previously, this problem was not. where else should I write to be heard??? I hope you understand me. for the interpreter such... let the game open quickly without unnecessary problems. who needs to let watches these videos and downloads elsewhere. I was thrown out of the game and I don't want to go there anymore and wait
  9. BOPOHa

    Exit game error

    as usual love the game with the subsequent scanning of the files in the nuthouse when changing weapons. god. fix this problem already. I'm speechless. pisses me off wildly
  10. Anyways what I can say. In any case, the game looks better. And this is not the final screen. It's not even let me uninstall 3.5, and like 4 then I want to do. But until that I still see what the clumsiness buildings on a map, objects. All the same with square corners. Either that's the style of play and they won't change it. Or I don't know. It would be possible to make the graphics like GTA 5 does not? Objects, buildings. But the mechanics, movement, management of the person to leave the same. Ah purely to clumsiness this to remove objects. Lots of angles. Past age. If they want the game to look modern
  11. BOPOHa


    I'm tired of writing here. departure to a psychiatric hospital by opening the inventory I or immediately after the resurrection to open the box of the cartridge by pressing 4 or 5 error. the files are then re-downloaded. every time... I'm angry.
  12. BOPOHa

    boiling hot

    I sent the report already in an hour
  13. BOPOHa

    boiling hot

    1) I was annoyed by the very short games in the fight club. at least in warehouses. frequent breaks between games. players very quickly close the game 2) once again during the game on the area I open the inventory and this error appears
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