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  1. This would be really cool imo.
  2. Chabbo

    APB2's THEME

    This nothing less, nothing more.
  3. Art Thou Mad, Brother? (laughs in evil gold)
  4. Just type "HAHAHAHAHA" in world chat and the just ignore the rest they say
  5. Can I get a quote on that statement? Frosi.
  6. So what I get from this is that ONLY the Adv.Launcher is an allowed game changer, and ANY thing else is a bannable offense. So I dont understand why people are having a hard time understanding. No fog remover, no muzzle flash remover, ect... unless its from the Adv.launcher its a BANNABLE OFFENCE.
  7. Man that male Tigers outfit is just perfect, great job! ps, also like the bloodroses one too!
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