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  1. Chabbo


    are you using an equalizer? I use Peace and when I have it running in the back ground when I forget to close it, BE kicks me for the same reason : AUTOIT after like 5 min.
  2. IRS is 100% better if you wanna pick up an SBSR, also don't listen to Cuve the IRS is good if you can use it right, its worse then the DMR in somethings but not useless.
  3. have you removed all partials? doing so can result in crashes other then that idk.
  4. I mean it not a bad idea imo, but some people will probably hate it since video games are a escape from reality and all that. but I personal would not mind seeing real world adds on the billboard as long as they fit with with the theme of the game.
  5. Don't be so pessimistic.... If not for APB, at least he get some practice from something he enjoys and can use it in the future when he moves on to something else.
  6. I really like seeing your work even tho I´m a lurker and do not express it in words. I whole heartedly agree with BumBum that should only do it if you feel like it. Even if it slows down to a post a month or even less. If you want ideas, ask the community I bet they got heaps, I for one have had the idea of being able to toggle weapon mods visible or not, so for example hunting sight is an actual sight on the gun and muzzle break is a muzzle break, etc... would be really cool if we could see some actual change on our weapons when we mod them, but of course it should be a toggle so if we don't like the look of a certain mod we can just turn it of visually and it would still be active in the background giving the player the stat increase/decrease.
  7. Tip for making a video game. put constraints on yourself, it makes your creativity work extra hard (sound cringe but it true) also don't try to add a million things, A good moto to follow is that every piece of content will double your work time even if it does not seem like it, for example: power sliding, now you have to make sure nothing is conflicting ,add more animation ,make sure it feels right and etc. its an awesome thing to have big views and ambitions but its better to know ones limits and work from their. Also bringing in more people is a good idea, but remember if you don't pay them don´t be surprised if they feel like they want to leave or change things about your original vision for the project. PS, Good luck!
  8. You get lots of JT during the event like 5000+ just go buy one from Ophelia in the joker Store (don't think its the chargers but its still a far)
  9. Chabbo

    New Crosshairs

    Don´t we all.
  10. Chabbo

    Weapons on Armas

    no these are rewards.
  11. Shaw | Muzzle brake + Hunting Sight 3 + MagPull 3 | Godly AMG | Hunting Sight 3 or 3PS3 + Muzzle brake | Broken Alig | don't use, unless against cars but the DMR av is better lmao | rng cannon Rabid | (Just an AR but with big mag) Hunting Sight 3 + Improved Rifling or Cooling Jacket 2 (imo) + 3PS3/Mobility Sling | Really fun NSSW/VAS SW2 | Improved 3 (for missions with long ranges)/ Heavy Barrel 2 (does no reduce stk) + Hunting sight 3 + 3PS3 | LASER if i forgot a gun soz.
  12. Chabbo

    Chrome on legendaries!

    Cuz it would be cool duh(jkjk). And it would make rank 16 more tempting to grind for.
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