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  1. Personally, I think the main issue of the "balancing" is coming down from players complaining about certain weapons/meta, and having absolutely no idea about the real gun-play or weapon balance in general, this is really a difficulty for LO, as a new company to achieve a certain balance point without upsetting the either the majority of the player-base or the skilled players. This is kinda harsh for silvers/bronze players but it's just how it is tbh, an opinion about weapon balance coming from a vet who has years of experience in the game and someone who is rather causal will differ a lot, and it's sad to see that the majority of the lower-skill population crying out about certain weapons just cause they don't know how to use them or rather gets killed by it, and they end up crying for balance and Nerf X and Y and too OP etc.... LO, faces really hard challenge here to sort of balance also the skill differences between players, and to actually know what weapons requires skill, and what weapons that are just broken and needs a fix. Cause with the way I see it, they are trying to make the weapons easier to use, and especially with how the shot-gun currently works, in APB it was never this case, most of the players are happy about it, but then again, making weapons easier is just a terrible way to balance things in any-game, and nerfing certain weapons just cause of a really high-gold player uses it, it's suddenly very OP, which is almost 60% of why so many people complain about certain weapons. Sometimes players are just really skilled at the game. Doesn't mean the weapon is broken, so many players fail to see that sadly, and complain way too much about it. Which is why it's leading to the point where weapons are becoming way too "easy" and a brain-dead silver can two-shot someone who has way better aim/thinking skill than them. Balance should be a thing, but it should be done the right way. Just cause you get killed twice with a certain weapon doesn't mean it's too OP, there's always players who is going to be above you in skill/game experience. Hopefully more people see that kind of perspective and start understanding it.
  2. Not a great idea to push the Engine 3.5 update cause of a voice-chat feature that hasn't been working for years, and nobody really uses it anymore. There's much better voice options for gamers out there like Discord/Teamspeak/Vent, even if it was working, I don't understand why would anyone choose the in-game voip instead of those programs. After-all, I think we all agree that it should be fixed but at the same time, we've been waiting for the engine upgrade for 4 years now, and it kept getting pushed,pushed and pushed by simply small features that can be fixed after it's implemented. Don't make your community wait longer, and just listen to the majority.
  3. Bought a mod for almost ~1M cause I wasn't paying attention to the numbers like a year ago, you just need to be-careful sometimes, the market-place is ran by players economically, thus everyone can set up high prices for worth-less items, it's not like BDO/Bless where it's controllable by the higher ups, so no it's not illegal, you just need to be careful next time, and honestly if you cant tell the numbers just google it or ask your friends, no shame in that xD.
  4. I have my account creation date accurate Went to the forums immediately after creating my first account to sign up for closed beta ;o
  5. Skitty, and kevkof will be releasing the transcript of the Q&A some-where on the forums, just wait for them to finish it up, I guess.
  6. The old one is slightly better for me, but maybe it has to do with the fact that we're just used to it for many years, but we will get used to this one easily just a matter of time.
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