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  1. I don't mind every enemy having red names, what I do think is that the color choices for the uniforms were a HUGE design mistake; having dull yellow and orange teams on a game mode where everything is foggy is a big no-no. Solution? ditch team Yellow and replace it with team Green, that way you have 3 distinguishable secondary color coded teams, also brighten them up to match Purple's brighter palette. Done, problem solved. Did they actually develop AI for APB ?? I don't recall other events using AI before
  2. +1 Also, they could put the old icons to use for the Clan level progression
  3. This. I don't mind running while pressing down Shift, but I would like to have a Hold crouch instead of a Toggle one.
  4. Haven't done APB fanart in a while, but here's an oldie from 2015 Britney Bloodrose, for some reason I forgot to add the skull on her necklace but whatevs
  5. That's pretty good, and would definitely shield newbies from getting pushed to ragequit; I would add a strict policy against dethreating, so having a robust reporting system in place would help. At the moment all reports go to in the same category, there is no way of stating reasoning for the report which makes it harder for GMs to look further into it as they will most likely just assume it's a hackusation. I disagree, I think they should shield non golds from top players as much as possible (specially bronze and under) so we can finally get new players into the game; that said the fightclub suggestion is a good idea. Having an faster level progression would help newcomers from getting frustrated and the longer they stay the more likely they are to spend money on the game (be it premium, guns, cars or cosmetics).
  6. I'm more interested in the Midtown district, but yeah a racing district would be really cool, they could even use the current districts to start testing it out and either block the streets to make a single course or use checkpoints or something. Even have players bet money and/or joker tickets on races.
  7. To be honest I've also thought there has been a need for a new threat category for years, but I don't this is viable anymore, not with barely 200 players active; yes, there is a massive gap between top and bottom gold players, but the population in the game isn't large enough to justify splitting it more. I think this is something that will make sense if the game manages to pull new players in, and for that many things need to happen first: There needs to be new content; new cosmetics weapons and cars are only good to keep veterans playing at best, but to bring fresh blood we need new game modes and districts. We've been playing in Waterfront and Financial since the game came out, the Asylum was mostly finished when GamersFirst took over and it took them years to release it. Finishing and releasing Midtown district would be a way to start. Optimization. The game is 8 years old, it's absurd the amount of time it takes to launch it, and on top of that the time it takes for it to load; I might not have the most powerful setup, but an i7, 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1050 Ti on top of using an SSD should be more than enough to load the game at a reasonable speed. The game should run like butter in every modern setup but for some reason it demands more than many modern games. A proper introduction for newbies; the tutorials for this game are a joke and new players always have a really hard time understanding the game mechanics, the way I see it you either have a friend who already plays to teach you the ropes or suffer the absurdly steep learning curve (or quit altogether). Many players will like to say "APB is an easy game", but they're just being arrogant little shits, everyone had to learn the game mechanics the hard way, and the proof is all the review videos of APB on YouTube, none of those guys have the slightest clue on how to play. Simply put, the game is not user friendly and there is no proper tutorial in place to counter that. Dethreating is another big problem with the game that gives newbies a really hard time, they barely get out of Green and go from playing against other newbies to fighting Golds in bronze; this practice should be strongly deterred and golds should automatically be kicked from bronze districts, these abusive matches might give golds 10 min of fun, but they harm the game's population by discouraging new players from staying. In short, what we need is more players not a new threat level right now. We had more people playing at Colby than we have now in Jericho, it's depressing.
  8. Configs are wildly different on a case by case basis, and most of the time it comes down to the games you usually play on PC; I play with a super sensitive mouse because I got used to it while playing RTS games, but one of my buddies has a low sensitivity set so that he makes a 180° turn when he flicks the mouse because of his Quake background. You pretty much have to develop a feel for it playing, there are some accuracy training websites you can test to see which sensitivity works best for you. Good luck
  9. Holy shit, I had completely forgotten this, so good; the current theme just sound like a year-round Halloween event
  10. I think he was expecting more people to agree with him so he just bailed the thread entirely
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