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  1. Battleye bad, bring back Tiggs and FairFight!
  2. Little Orbit seemed like the APB savior... but now we see the way things have turned out.
  3. All throwaway accounts with no real game activity i.e. only idling in social on lowrank char or login once a year etc should get their name wiped. I mean if you want to keep that "OG" and "edgy" nickname straight outta dictionary.com buy a char slot and reserve it on your main account.
  4. Microtea


    If you are decent at something you will have a lot of subs/followers on social media. As for being trustworthy, dude claims to be an insider of 6+ private cheating communities which is a blatant lie. Can you imagine that some private cheat group would accept a shady newcomer into their inner circle and share all information about hack? Private means you can't simply find it in super-secret darknet or super-secret google search and buy with mom's credit card, you need to be a good friend of these people to get a cheat.
  5. *lossless* Eww, difference between lossless and lossy encoded @20mpbs is like night vs day in terms of data rate and quality.
  6. APB on Stadia - instant meme. FYI even 100 megabit is NOT enough for lossless 1080p60 and above. Technology isn't here yet.
  7. Microtea


    If a cheat is private, how do you know what features were added and even prove who is using it? It was either public/paycheat or you are lying. Steam group - 20 members. Twitch - 74 followers. Twitter - 16 followers. YouTube - 123 subscribers. Wow, you are such a skilled, trustworthy and experienced GM bro!!1
  8. As a band-aid fix you can turn off district chat in settings. ?_? Russian is not a race.
  9. Maybe you are just bad? Cheating is impossible when we have such strong anticheat as EAC.
  10. You were implying that I stomp noobs all the day (you probably meant that I play and sweat in bronze district) which is not true cause I play fight club only. Weird flex but ok. There is an easy way to "test" bronze district fairly, without hurting anyone but yourself. You need a friend and few hours of free time. Make new acc - farm JT and unlock blowtorch in social district - go to bronze district - make closed group so only you and your friend(s) will participate in mission - have fun with blowtorches I would love it too. Too bad I can't force myself to even launch APB. Last few times I had very negative experience, I did not get rekt, get mad or something like that, it was an other thing, I will write about it in the end. High amount of cheaters and threat segregation caused massive dethreating. Gold is absurdly easy not just attain but maintain in any district. If some players are not banned for SO long time, what the? I play fc and meet some cheaters, few months later I log in during event, see same guys playing, few months later I browse twitch clips and they are still cheating and even streaming it. It's been nearly a year since I met them first time. ME LIKE: k, aNtIcHeAt iS wOrKiNg.
  11. It is your false and subjective opinion without any proof. ??? what data ??? where ??? It is your salty and wet dream without any proof. ??? Imagine calling fight club "the beginner district". Do you even APB or just live on forum? ~9k posts in 2 years speaks for itself, huh. If you calling FBW "a massive disadvantage" you should git gud in game instead of forums. Blowtorch is the only fair weapon in bronze district (if you want to make it really fair instead of pretending to be fair) I'd link some twitch clips which are nearly year old with BLATANT cheaters which are not banned yet but name&shame .... Tfw when cheater protection works better than anti-cheat protection :)
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