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  1. Yeah definitely LO is much worse than G1, it was so much fun watching G1 developers disappear for months then push a patch full of "game typo bugs lol" fixes.
  2. use mudfish, by far the best and cheapest vpn i've ever used, i have the same issue as yours, my ISP routes me through really bad routes that cause high latency, so i bypass that by using mudfish, it gives you wide variety of routes to connect to and pretty stable latency. btw it's paid but it pays you for bandwidth not a subscription based vpn, and since gaming doesn't consume alot of bandwidth it's sooo cheap, i paid 5 bucks and i've been using it for a year or something.
  3. I've got the same problem, it means that your country is not supported, use PayPal instead. It would be nice if they offer some global credit card option.
  4. It's actually fine to adapt to different "may-seem-broken" tactics and weapons in any game, pre-nerf HVR for e.g can be countered by rushing the opponent and forcing him in closed areas and CQC battles, that's pretty fine and that's what good players do on daily basis, However, suggesting a balance is not about the "oh i can't play the game cause of (insert weapon here)", It's all about making the game more challenging and fights more fair thus more interesting.
  5. kinda don't agree with you here, ini edits are common in pretty much every online game i've played. only see people complain about it here. like seriously guys, does it matter if you hold a button to sprint or toggle it? personally I never tweaked it since I'm used to the default configuration but it never bothered me nor I think it should bother anyone, it's just a matter of preference.
  6. indeed little orbit is terrible at dealing with this, they should've pulled their magic wand and got rid of all those cheaters.
  7. there's a reason those settings aren't hard coded into the game and a settings file 'ini' exists.
  8. Quite good but definitely missing some small features in and there. New reactions are hilarious though
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