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    Daily Login Rewards.

    I agree daily login rewards would help keep players vested into the game as it stands the crushing grind/skill gap on newbies proves to much and drives them away this would help keep some to stay as they feel that while they may not be winning every match they are at least still "progressing" as far as their wallets go.
  2. Infamy

    Merge the map.

    I should have said in my original post that obviously performance permitting and obviously it would need to be much later when the game has a lot of the back end issues fixed.
  3. Infamy

    Merge the map.

    Something for later in the pipeline you guys should think about just combining both of the maps together into one large map with any map location addons you bolt onto the existing one at a later. You could also up the player count on that district as well allowing for 200 a side possibly just food for thought.
  4. To be fair tiggs did rage ban a SHIT load of people... Pic related is tiggs in a nutshell
  5. Oh back in the early days of G1 I saw some names that were like really.... Really!?! I could list some but I feel I will be banned if I do.
  6. LATE December the earliest but I feel we won't see it till about mid January or Mid February.
  7. Infamy

    Suggestion to LO

    Why thank you my dude! Much thanks
  8. Infamy

    Suggestion to LO

    Hey LO while I have been very critical of you I am also going to try and help you as well so a suggestion I have to maybe get the population up a touch AND to give your current player base peace of mind. I think you guys should start doing either weekly or bi-Weekly live streams on twitch talking about the state of the game show casing some of the improvements you have in the pipe line doing some Q&A time and letting us see and be introduced to the faces that develop APB. Part of the reason people will follow companies is based on their willingness to engage with their audience and player base when companies are very radio silent it kinda gives the vibe to the player base that you don't listen or don't care and by virtue makes the player base not care either and eventually gravitate towards a new game or company who will give the open lanes of communication. I also might suggest making a discord to allow players to join and even squad up with each other since VoIP is currently broken it would allow for better game play experience AND it would allow a open avenue again for you (Little Orbit) to communicate with the player base not only that but allow ease of access for new players to get help and tips and tricks on how to better themselves at the game Also it will allow the players to quickly and easily send bug reports with video and screenshots .... Oh and let us not forget for people to showcase their creative sides and funny screen shots. That is my suggestion anyone can comment on it really and love or hate it but I hope that LO takes it seriously and considers the up side to it. And I just realized I posted this in the wrong place it's early and not awake just realized I clicked the wrong tab if this could be deleted by a admin much appreciated sorry for the mistake.
  9. Holy dog shit who would have guess a game mode no one wanted died in 24hrs.... Again LO FIX THE GAME stop trying to cash in on a mode no one wanted stop trying to cash in on weapons like MoneyFirst did you want this game to be the GOAT comeback story Fix the god damn game PERIOD no more to discuss nothing you say will matter the only thing is that you FIX THE GAME.. PERIOD END OF LINE ---------------------- LINE ENDS HERE.
  10. LMAO here is a great concept it's a million dollar idea but I will give it to LO for free.... You ready... Instead of working on a BR mode no one wants and or asked for... Why don't ya know.... FIX THE BASE GAME!!! This is a game LOADED with potential and would have a GREAT player base if you would FIX THE GAME.... Don't give us a BR mode that tbh is gonna fail in the first month because Apex is just gonna shit all over it AND FURTHER MORE don't act like the community wanted a BR game when NO ONE wanted it just YOU THE DEVELOPER wanted it because it's a hot trend and you think you will get money from it pro tip you won't Apex is also free it runs better plays better and isn't marred by anyone who knows the history of APB you want money LO fix the game I promise you if you fixed the game people would return and throw money at you...
  11. Just one thing this game will never get population to return without a Majority of the cheaters removed the weapons being balanced and the "Pay 2 Win" Element removed no one is going to play this game if they get dominated by P2W weapons constantly also this game as you said need better servers and performance fixes there is a ton of back end issues that need fixed such as net code and other render issues until all this gets fixed this game will remain dead point blank period as no one wants to play a game that is unbalenced as hell.
  12. Second Fix go here and do this... Steam/steamapps/common/APB Reloaded/Launcher Right Click APBLaucher and Run as Administration This should allow the game to run WITHOUT needing to shut you anti virus off
  13. *FIXED* If the above fix does not work shut down your anti virus this is what I did to fix it works now
  14. Nanbu Type 14 Pistol The Chauchat Cochran Turret Revolver That is a short list I could think of at 3:30 in the morning xD
  15. Aye this is a case of the hitboxes bleeding through due to them being well..... Pure crap... I am kinda hope that this is one of the thing LO is going to work/fix/improve since Money First couldn't give a rats patootie about fixing that or anything else it's one of the MANY things I hope is on a LONG LONG list of things that need fixed and or improvements on.
  16. Tried it didn't work for me sadly...
  17. What leftovers? I deleted the steamapp/common left over folder was there any others?
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