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  1. Thanks I dont know if its a manual ban or a EAC, thats why I need to contact with apb support first.
  2. step 1 - unban all cheaters and give them a second chance step 2 - do not unban ppl that banned for no reason and tell them to wait step 3 - after months unban their account but delete all the characters (255r) all the char bound items (legendary items, cloth packs, cars etc) step 4 - ban them again Gamersfirst banned me for no reason years ago, LO bought the game and unbanned cheaters but not me, they unbanned after months but deleted all my chars, all my process all my char bound items all my money my legendary itmes etc. The account was empty I was not even using anymore. Today, just wanted to check and . . . u know the rest. Congratz LO u managed this situation so good. I dont know what to do now. Im trying to submit a ticket for hours, your ticket system dont even let me create a freaking ticket. Im pressing that submit button for hours and nothing happens. Im tired . . .
  3. I havent matched with a cheater once for months even I play actively. Most of u hackusating ppl and crying about hackers. Im not saying "there is no" yes there is but not that many. Maybe that is cuz of the low population I dont know but the "hack" problem is not the major one rn imo. I see lots of new players on silver servers. They are losing and cant progress so they quit, this game requires progress to have fun, better mods, slotted weapons, new cars etc but cuz of the matchmaking system they are matching with ppl already have those slotted better guns with better mods and they are losing, they dont have fun and cant see a future on the game also toxicity a factor. threat and matchmaking balance is the major problem of this game and I also agree that engine expections are ruining the game it needed to be done immideatly and LO need to focus on those major problems. imo RIOT will bring more problems, Im not saying "RIOT is a bad idea", the timing is wrong for a new game mode. We already have big problems at current state of the game. LO now will need to balance the RIOT and the missions at same time. I know it is not possible to satisfy everyone at the same time, some ppl wants new content some wants other stuff but we need to solve our current problems instead of bringing new ones.
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