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  1. Zalman18

    APB Roadmap

    idk man maybe they will take them off for awhile and make a bundle in the future but lets be real here most of the players don't wear trump mask or don't use the preset cars on armas im not saying they should remove them for good but for now i think most of the preset cars players dont buy them anymore unless there are real collectors in this small audience
  2. Zalman18

    APB Roadmap

    They can add them to a bundle all of them like key 2 city but way cheaper
  3. Zalman18

    APB Roadmap

    i think man skirts can be removed for example trump masks and other hideous items that G1 has been adding thru the years also the prices needs a fix ASAP a lot of these items are at astronomical price for a cosmetic the sports gear a barely see people wearing those as long as they will be replaced with something better id say why not
  4. Zalman18

    Second wave of unbans

    Same here my ticket my ticket is now 5714
  5. Zalman18

    Account Unbanning

    I know its a little frustrating but i'm guessing manual bans take longer due to investigation and knowing how much people got banned in a inaccurate way this might take some time to sort it out
  6. Zalman18

    Account Unbanning

    they said manual bans are going to be in the 2nd wave but there is no eta yet. just take a chill pill alright.
  7. Zalman18

    all u don is uban hackers

    do they even read b4 they go and create a complaint post?
  8. i don't think its gonna happen but you my friend is a victim of a broken system joker boxes should have never been implemented in the first place without a proper trading system. i do believe LO can one day create like a system that both players can see the placed items before make the trade. The previous crew that manage this game was only reaching out to players pocket and they didn't care much about the cons on trading legendary items.
  9. Armas permanent fix = reduced prices & new content and no funny stuff about this is new you pay 2x if alot of content is created there is no need for astronomical prices
  10. i really don't care about the refund of the g1c as long as the prices are reduced to a common sense where cosmetics and fanciness should be equal to a price of a entire game.
  11. Zalman18

    The plan to fix the lag

    and i bet this is going to be tripled very soon. you guys keep it up the community is going to grow and sustain this game for a very long time.
  12. Zalman18

    Nerf N-HVR?

    the detonator is also a one of G1 cheap tricks of victory
  13. Zalman18

    Nerf N-HVR?

    the day G1 implemented timers and car surfers thats when it became terrible
  14. Zalman18

    Nerf N-HVR?

    not to go off topic here but they should remove that timer again the osmaw will have its purpose again
  15. make prices payable make a big variety of clothing,weapons cars etc. long live armas