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  1. Zalman18

    Rocket Warfare Sanctions.

    what about bullets
  2. Zalman18

    Second wave of unbans

    im banned since 2014 waiting for 24 days to get this bullcrap
  3. Zalman18

    Second wave of unbans

    I got the same message from the same support agent and they keep ignoring my replies too this is bs
  4. Zalman18


    I think the community is more like a victim of domestic abuse with a bad case of PTSD from it. The fact that people are scared speaking out will making LO become like G1 was is pretty solid evidence of that. id say give them time. till now they did more then G1 in the past 7 years
  5. Zalman18


    Op's got a point if these crybabies keep crying left and right LO might start going silent on us i mean not like G1 but they start think every time they put a new announcement people are gonna start using it as a weapon this community is toxic by its core. To be honest here LO its giving a lot of hope to the playerbase in other hands trust is yet to be fully earned by some
  6. Zalman18

    Rip jericho

    43.00 packet loss
  7. to be honest with you G1 is the reason why so many guns are bad and they made it like that for marketing reasons you know overkill gun->player buy it->G1 nerfs it -> rinse n repeat
  8. Zalman18

    how hard is it??

    listen!! G1 already tried this in the past and it was terrible. I can suggest you find a clan or some friends to play with to help you understand the game better and eventually move away from DTers area
  9. Zalman18

    When will OCA Whisper be nerfed

    gun is fine you wanna counter it? STAC10 is always at your service
  10. Hi Matt can we get a update of the support tickets?
  11. do i have to create a topic of the login screen? how loud and chaotic it is before logging in? idk
  12. Zalman18

    Second wave of unbans

    where the unban tickets are at right now ? last week a friend of mine got unbanned and his ticket was at 31XX
  13. there shouldn't even be a poll for this, breaking the business model breaking this means breaking income means game wont last but wait lets 2x premium rewards then XD
  14. not only the thread system, the spawn system too i mean enemy spawn 50 meters or less from you given you less time to do the objective coming back to the picture i haven't seen a long list like that in awhile anybody notice this guy name <ChingaTuMadres> is that even allowed in names lol?
  15. Zalman18

    APB Roadmap

    idk man maybe they will take them off for awhile and make a bundle in the future but lets be real here most of the players don't wear trump mask or don't use the preset cars on armas im not saying they should remove them for good but for now i think most of the preset cars players dont buy them anymore unless there are real collectors in this small audience