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  1. ThePridsss

    Bring Back ReferaFriend Program

    quite guilty of that am afraid
  2. ThePridsss

    Not enough stored amo!

    you know you can press the interactive menu and navigate to inventory to buy ammo anywhere you are right ?
  3. ThePridsss


    sorry i guess
  4. ThePridsss


    well , aww shucks i guess
  5. ThePridsss


    my teammate got pissed i was "stealing his kills" killed me and the ss speak the tale
  6. ThePridsss


    idk tbh i thought i could just share this
  7. ThePridsss


    In my opinion people should just buy premium when the 15+ level contacts are unlocked easier to max out the others if you play consistently
  8. ThePridsss

    illegal websites

    cheating doesn't seem fun at all i don't know why people take joy in cheating