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  1. going to start engineering school in few weeks. wondering if its going to work.
  2. bought new "sport" shorts, jacket & shoes
  3. ive been out few weeks now, there was not really a big transformation but my physical condition is alot better since only thing i did before going to army was sit at home and play games.
  4. new update!! i have been 6 months in the army now and im a airtillery truck driver.. another 6 months and im out.
  5. instead of the end timer saying <8 >8 or some poop like that, maybe we could get an actual timer saying how long it will last?
  6. when i started playing the only thing i wanted to unlock was osmaw, so i ended up grinding 2,5k joker tickets and buy the golden osmaw and get the Demolitions Rank 3.
  7. i didnt read but i think that right hand will work just fine.
  8. rode 7km's with a broken bicycle. the amount of hills are crazy
  9. well atleast you got further than i did its working now
  10. I FORGOT THE FUCKING LOLLIPOP!.... but i got 2 donuts & a redbull
  11. tomorrow ok, there's no stores open right now
  13. XD i kinda like this but might get some hand tattoos hmmm
  14. i might have found peace right now!!! i bought diffrent pants and shit looks good suddenly! now im waiting for that friday free premium so i can remove some tattoos!
  15. Thank you everyone for the amazing tips! but keep them coming if you have some!
  16. Title basically says it xdd, ive been trying to make "cool" looking characters but i can never make them look "cool".. even if i have copied someones cool outfit it wont look cool when i do it.. pls send help!!
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